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How do I wash a down jacket? Detergent selection, washing, drying – My Home

How do I wash a down jacket? The question is often one of curiosity in these cold months. Especially when putting away winter clothes, it is very important for hygiene reasons to wash, dry and put them all away. What you should consider when putting away winter clothing or textile products: “How should textile products such as quilts, winter clothing and carpets be stored?” You can find it in our article.

Down jackets probably win the award for most confusing item of clothing to wash. Throwing it in the washing machine is definitely scary. What if you ruin it? What if it's no longer fluffy? They are expensive, so no one wants to have a washing machine disaster.

Below we have explained how to properly wash a quilted jacket. This will keep it clean and fluffy for years.


How do I wash a down jacket?

No matter what machine you use, your washing machine Set the cold wash to the most delicate setting.

If you are still worried about your quilted jacket, here is another tip. As an extra precaution, wear your quilted jacket to prevent it from rubbing against the machine's drum and other laundry items. a mesh laundry bagPut it in the .

If you are washing other items of laundry with the coat, a mesh laundry bag will help protect it from zippers and the like on other items of clothing.

One last washing option: Wash your hands. If you have a very special jacket and are very paranoid or your washing machine has a habit of eating your clothes, you can safely clean your quilted jacket this way

Honestly, you just have to be willing to put in the time and have a sink big enough for your coat. After hand washing your coat, we recommend that you only use your washing machine for the spin portion. This way you can let it dry faster.

Which detergent should I use?

For best results, most fur experts recommend a special cleaning agent for bird feathers Agree that you should call. Another advantage of these cleaners is that they do not destroy the water-repellent coating on your fur.

But don't worry, even regular detergent won't destroy your fur immediately! Dozens of coats washed with regular detergent are still intact. But if you want your down jacket to last as long as possible, it's not a bad idea to spend money on a special detergent.

The detergent you use won't ruin your jacket, but a special detergent can help it last a little longer and perform at its best.

How do I dry an inflatable jacket?

This is how you wash a quilted jacketThis is how you wash a quilted jacket

As soon as you take your coat out of the wash, it looks flat and dull. No panic! That is normal. It will soon return to its original fluffiness.

Most puffy coat experts recommend putting the coat in the dryer instead of air drying. The problem with air drying is that it can cause clumping and moisture buildup in the jacket.

Moisture retention is bad because it can cause mold to form in your jacket, making it impossible to clean. In other words, You should make sure that your fur dries quickly and not after a few days.

So, take your coat out of the washing machine and into the dryer (or hang it up) as quickly as possible. DO NOT leave your down jacket wet and wrinkled in the washing machine overnight.

However, if you are worried about your coat being ruined by the dryer, you can opt for air drying. I have air dried my lightweight puffer jackets in the past and have had no problems. In general, air drying just means drying in a low humidity environment. It is a suitable option for thinner layers.

If your home is very humid and/or your fur is heavy and thick, drying may take a long time. In this case, you should opt for the dryer.

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If you want to hang your down jacket to dry, spread it out as much as possible by carefully draping it over a drying rack or shower curtain rod.

If you want to tumble dry your coat, set it to low heat or a delicate setting. If you used a laundry bag, remove the coat from the bag to release it. Be sure to throw in a few dryer balls too. As the kettle spins, the balls cause the jacket to move more, making it easier to fluff. If you don't have dryer balls, you can use tennis balls instead.

To fluff hang-dried fur, place it in the dryer with drying balls on low heat for about 10 minutes. Without heat, even the most sensitive fur will not be damaged.


In summary: 3 steps you should consider:

  1. Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle.
  2. If available, use a mesh laundry bag and/or down detergent.
  3. Dry immediately after washing on low heat and don't forget the dryer balls.

How do you wash a down jacket by hand?

Since down jackets are usually made of waterproof and airtight materials, a special method of washing is required. You can properly wash your quilted jacket by following the steps below:

  1. Clean your fur underwater: Dip your fur in water and clean it by hand with a soft brush. Pay particular attention to any worn or dirty parts of your coat.
  2. Use detergent: To wash your coat, add some mild detergent (such as laundry detergent) to the water. Rub your fur with your hand to soften the detergent.
  3. Rinse your jacket: Rinse your jacket thoroughly under water and remove any detergent residue.
  4. Dry your coat: Dry your coat in a ventilated place. Never use a dryer or dry your coat directly in the sun as it can wear out without heat.
  5. Use a Plastic Bag to Store Your Coat: After drying your coat, pack it tightly in a clean, dry plastic bag for storage.

If you follow these steps, your puffer jacket can be used and used safely for a long time.

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