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Home » How do you wash bed linen? How many days should it be changed? – My home

How do you wash bed linen? How many days should it be changed? – My home

How do you wash bed linen? You should wash the textiles in your bedroom regularly. This is particularly important for allergy sufferers. That's why we've put together the answers to frequently asked questions about laundry cleaning.

Here you will find answers to the questions about how to wash bed linen, at what temperature and how many times a day…


Almost all bed textiles are washed like normal laundry. However, a few points are important, such as the temperature at which you wash and choosing the right detergent.

  • First of all, the bed linen should be washed separately. In other words, it should not be washed with your daily laundry. If you wash several sheets together or together with other bed textiles, your machine will not run empty.
  • When washing bed linen, as with other textiles, you should pay attention to the washing instructions. Bed linen is usually washed at 40 degrees. If it is heavily soiled, it can also be washed at 60 degrees.
  • You should always wash colored duvet covers inside out to prevent the colors from fading. You can wash duvet cover sets of the same color together.


leaves daily washing It can be washed in the program. But like other laundry, bed linen too Washing instructions It is necessary to be attentive.

After how many days should the sheet be changed?

How often and in how many days should bed linen be changed? The question is also asked by those who are asked. Duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases at least 1 or 2 times a week should be changed.

At what temperature should the sheet be washed?

Bed linen is usually provided at 40 degrees is washed. In case of heavy contamination at 60 degrees It can also be washed.

What should you pay attention to when washing heavily soiled bed linen?

How to wash bedding

If the bedding is heavily soiled and has stains such as blood or vomit, there are a few points to consider.

  • Such stains should be treated immediately. Once these occur, they are difficult to remove. It is best to take action immediately after the stain appears.
  • Dampen the sheets before putting them in the washing machine. This is important to soften the stain before machine washing.
  • You should soak the area in warm water for about an hour. You should then put the sheets in the washing machine as usual and wash them at 40 degrees.

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How do I dry bed sheets correctly?

After washing the sheets properly, there are a few tips for drying them.

  • If possible, avoid hanging the sheets in direct sunlight, otherwise the colors may fade. However, drying in the sun is not a big problem for white bed linen.
  • It is best to hang the sheets on a rope in the shade.
  • Bed linen can also be put in the tumble dryer. However, since this is not the same for every duvet cover, you should pay attention to the material and the care instructions.

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