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19 Decorating Suggestions for Rental Apartments – My Home

You may not want to spend a lot on the apartment you rent, but you can still keep an eye on the existing walls, floors, cabinets, and even other surfaces. How about renovating and beautifying it on a budget?


  • If your landlord doesn't allow you to paint the walls or you don't want to spend money on painting the house, you can change your walls without much expense. For example bYou can paint large-format, plain white canvases in the colors you want and hang them on your walls. Or you can paint a painting out of colorful fabrics in a large frame.
  • If your landlord allows you to paint the walls, choose neutral colors, assuming you have them repainted before moving in.
  • Easily available and affordable Wall stickers It can also be a stylish alternative. In addition, most of these stickers are easy to remove from the wall. You can also apply it to furniture and ceramics.
  • Don't just use your curtains to cover windows. To create a different atmosphere and add color and texture to your room Hang inexpensive curtains or fabrics on a house wall. To divide a large area, you can even hang a curtain from a cornice that you attach to the ceiling.
  • Mirror, A good solution to make a place look beautiful. This makes small areas appear larger and dark areas appear lighter.

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How to decorate the floor in a rental house?

  • Using carpets is the easiest and most convenient way to beautify the floor in a rental home. Carpets not only protect the floor but also add warmth, color and pattern to the room.
  • If you live in a studio apartment or want to divide the living spaces in one large room, you can use several rugs together instead of rugs.

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  • Replacing windows in a rental apartment can often be a problem. However, if you need to replace your windows on a budget, you can do a small renovation yourself if possible.
  • Apply filler to the worn areas and sand them. It's not very difficult to repaint it, and you can do it on a much cheaper budget than replacing it.

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  • Rental housesReplacing fixed lighting fixtures in your home is generally not permitted. However, if you have an ugly or non-functional light fixture, you can ask your landlord and it may not be a problem to replace it.
  • to a room Add lighting, may be the most appropriate method to shed more light on this area. Plan lighting from top to bottom.
  • For ceiling lighting Pendant lamp or chandelier You can opt for general lighting. However, don't forget to use floor or accent lighting to illuminate the paintings you hang, your bookshelf, or your cabinets.


  • If the house you rent is small, Get dual-function furniture. A sofa that doubles as a bed is sufficient. You can also choose beds with bases to create storage space.
  • Coffee tables, poufs and folding tables that you can also use as dining tables can be particularly creative solutions for both rental rooms and small spaces.
  • You can also renew your old furniture and use it in the rental house you are moving into.. The easiest way to renew them is to paint them in different colors.
  • If you want to purchase items, don't forget to take a look at online sales sites, flea markets and second-hand stores. You may come across affordable furniture that becomes very beautiful with a few small changes.


  • One of the best ways to add color and personality to a room is Accesories. In addition, accessories can be easily transported. You can create a pleasant living space with handmade and vintage accessories.
  • To add color Accessories such as cushions, sofa throws, vases and frames You can use These products are affordable and you can easily modify them if they don't fit your next home.
  • with plants They can also change the atmosphere of your living spaces. If you are someone who doesn't care about the care of your flowers juicy, cactus You can choose easier to maintain types such as:

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