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5 important reasons to renew furniture

We’re spending far more time in our homes, and our room for compromise when it comes to comfort has also greatly diminished. So is it time for a new furniture update?

1. Spacious and airy layout
It is very important for our health that the house we live in is constantly ventilated and that there is clean air circulation in the house. Therefore, when planning furniture placement, it is advisable to ensure that windows open and close easily and that furniture is placed in a way that does not disrupt airflow. It is known that radon gases emitted from electrical devices in our living spaces accumulate in the room over time and these gases are harmful to health. However, since these gases do not accumulate in regularly ventilated living spaces, we create a healthier environment. Let’s ventilate our homes, not only with air conditioning, but also with air flow through open windows.

2. Let’s use our desks wisely
Dining tables used to take up a little-used area in the living room and were opened up when guests came. However, now that the dimensions of the houses are getting smaller, it has become necessary to use the space more wisely. From now on, we should prefer to position the tables that we place in our home not only for specific occasions and days, but also to have a comfortable life at all times. When choosing between table models, it can be the right choice to plan well what you are going to use the table for and to choose alternative uses. If your house is small, instead of buying a separate table for the kitchen and balcony, you can always put the table in the kitchen or on the balcony whenever you want with a foldable model that is both stylish and portable is . If you close the dining table in the living room, it takes up less space with its small dimensions and you can use it as a shared desk for those times when you work with your spouse in the home office. Let’s remember that working from home is an important part of the world nowadays.

3. Comfortable chairs improve the quality of life
We know how important ergonomic office chairs are for office workers who spend long hours sitting in chairs in the office. We can even add different devices and ergonomic supports to the chairs for our waist and back health. So why don’t we treat the chairs in our house with the same care? Chairs should serve for healthy and comfortable sitting in the environment. This rule also applies to the chairs you use at the kitchen table or at the dining table in the living room. To our friends, if the chairs at your table at home, where you spend your hours with your family, are sometimes not comfortable enough, the taste of those beautiful hours when everyone is together is lost at some point.

4. Decoration to support your psychology
When redesigning your home, you should never forget that you will be spending a long time there. Therefore, you should come up with a design by choosing colors, accessories, and even artwork that will positively support your psychology and bring peace to your soul. You can complete the decoration of your home with paintings, impressive figurines, small figurines and a peaceful lighting design that supports all of this. It is important that when you reach your home after a tired day or have to spend your days there, your living space should give you peace, security and joy.

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