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7 Decorating Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Your Small Bathroom – My Home

Who wants their bathroom to look smaller? Not us. This is where we begin and end our days. We’re dedicated to self-care in the bathroom, and even though it’s a tiny space, we want it to feel like the most relaxing room we’ve ever entered.

So if your bathroom isn’t an oasis of calm and you’re wondering whether it’s just a lack of decoration, you’ve come to the right place. Design and organization experts talked about the mistakes they see in small bathrooms that don’t add any benefit to these tiny spaces and how to fix them.

No matter how you decorate your space, it’s important to have only the items you use, need and love to make the bathroom a space you love to be in.

1- Thinking that everything should be white

This rumor persists throughout the house, and perhaps nowhere is it truer than in the bathroom. The free design approach can be applied to any small bathroom. As Desiree Burns of Desiree Burns Interiors says, “Don’t be afraid to use bold colors and bold patterns in small spaces. “It can have a big impact in a small space.”

“If you have wallpaper, use a matching color on the ceiling instead of ‘ceiling’ white,” adds organizer Laura Cattano. It may be a small space, but that doesn’t mean you have to hold back.

2- Display everything on open shelves

Clutter is the enemy of small spaces. Makes sense, right? The more stuff you have, the more space it takes up and the more cramped your room appears. “A common mistake is not having a balance between open and closed storage,” Cattano said. “Taking out things that aren’t pretty or inspiring, like nail clippers, toothpaste, or hairspray, makes a small space seem even smaller,” says.

Holly Blakey says: “Minimize the number of items on your bathroom counter. “Ideally, stick to a rule of three: a toothbrush, soap and perhaps a decorative item like a small flower vase,” he explains.

3- Focus on pointless decoration

When decorating a small bathroom, don’t waste precious space with non-functional decor items. As with all small spaces, you need to maximize everything that saves space in the room. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without nice things.

“Decorative elements don’t just have to be decorative,” says Cattano. Use open storage to display functional items like pretty towels. I love Japanese cotton or Turkish cotton towels. “They are soft, super absorbent, dry quickly and take up very little space when folded.”

4- Limit yourself to bathroom-specific items

Pay attention to the rest of your home to make your bathroom feel like a room and not a small room with sterile, boring furniture reserved for the bathroom. You can make a room with limited space more stylish by decorating it as you would anywhere in the house.

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5- Use the walls too

Products often spill over countertops, making the room feel crowded and cramped as storage space under the vanity is exhausted. But “Take advantage of wall space—replace a mirror with a medicine cabinet with storage, or install hanging shelves for additional storage,” says Blakely.

6- Reduce small parts

Small rooms don’t like small items. Grouping too many small pieces together in a small bathroom can create clutter and make the room feel crowded.

“A common mistake with small spaces is having several small things instead of one large piece,” says Cattano. Be it artwork, mirrors, baskets, shelves, etc. Just remember the scale. “Inches make a big difference in a small space.”

7- Use light and color correctly

Finally, remember that the bathroom, even if it is small, is a room where you spend some time for yourself and personal care, which means you want to look in the mirror and feel good about yourself. “Make sure to use colors that flatter your skin tone,” says Cattano. Soft pink tones actually complement each other. Good lighting is also essential. “A dark bedroom is nice – not a dark bathroom.”

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