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8-step buying guide for slatted frames – My Home

With their stylish lines and designs that know no bounds in functionality, slatted frames are considered one of the bedroom’s greatest saviours. We carefully looked at the intricacies of purchasing this ordering tool, which plays a huge role in solving problems related to home storage.


DRAMATIC CHOICES You can create a dramatic effect with bases in dark tones. Bed frame Bihena: (160×200 cm) 11,590 TL., Çetmen.

Choosing the right slatted frame is just as important for a restful sleep as the right mattress. The design of the bases can sometimes be so effective that it can alleviate the firmness of a mattress. Let’s start by first clarifying what a base is. In the simplest definition, we can define it as bedsteads with storage chambers that allow the storage of goods. Because of this, it’s not hard to say that these functional storage beds are life savers in homes with small square footage. It can be used as a storage unit even when the bases are at the end of their useful life. You can use your base as a cabinet in an upright position in a convenient place at home or in your warehouse.


Bases are made in a variety of styles depending on the material used. In general, the bed bases available on the market can be considered in two groups as nested and turned. Slatted frames with chests of drawers and slatted frames allow both the increase of the bed and the storage of unused or space-consuming items, since no suitable place can be found. The spring-like structure of the slatted frame, which provides your bed with a flexible and dynamic base, makes it easier for the mattress to breathe. With increasing air circulation, the lifespan of the mattress is extended. It also prevents the formation of dampness, wetness and bacteria in the bed. Boxed bases, on the other hand, extend the life of the mattress because they ensure that the mattress rests in equal balance on a completely flat surface.


8-Step Basic Buying Guide
  • Two-in-one solution Bases are a piece of furniture that offers storage space and aesthetic expectations at the same time. In addition to a simple bed, the bases play a role that combines the textile warmth of the fabric with the functionality of the storage space. Bases aren’t just cloth; It has different coating options from leather to suede. In addition, the fabric covering offers unlimited freedom of color and style.
  • Not just a bed nest While the job of an ordinary bed is just to support the mattress, the slatted frames not only support the mattress but also create large storage areas for storage. In this sense, we can say that slatted frames, which play a crucial role for small square meter houses, save lives. The way to an aesthetic appearance in small bedrooms needs to be organized. Plinths are one of the key players in creating stylish bedrooms.
  • Hygiene factor Cleaning is one of the most important issues for many of us. Pedestals are one of the most effective ways to keep unused items, seasonal clothing, or bedding safe and clean.


Just as the choice of mattress has great importance in our lives, there are some milestones when choosing a bed base.

  • Robustness As with almost all furniture, the degree of durability is also important for bases. Here, however, special attention is required to the mechanisms. Opening and closing hinges should be strong on the pedestals where commonly used items are stored.
  • Material Another point to consider is the material the base is made of. If you prefer a chipboard laminate base, it can collapse and warp over time. Be sure to choose solid materials such as MDF for the body.
  • Safety hinges must have a safety stop when the base is fully open. The safety stopper prevents the base from closing back by locking the position when in the open position. It is particularly important for families with children and children’s bases.


8-Step Basic Buying Guide

When purchasing an underframe, a model that is compatible with the bed should be selected. For the bases with slots, the size of the bed should be compatible with that slot, not the outside edges. If the base has a directly flat surface; If the mattress does not fit into a cavity, the mattress should be the same dimensions as the base. If the base is smaller than the bed, the bed cannot support the spine; Spring systems have unbalanced compressive energy. This shortens the life of the bearing.

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When buying a sofa, we tend to choose alternatives that are proportional to the dimensions of the living room. The base station must not block traffic in the room. There should be an area of ​​liquid at all three ends of the bed. If the base is to be placed next to another piece of furniture, at least 1 meter of freedom of movement should be left between them. The weight-height indexes of the people who will use the bed are also important. 160 cm-180 cm double beds are considered the ideal dimensions.


8-Step Basic Buying Guide

Bases are available in double or single chest. Double boxes are more practical to extend the life of the mechanisms used. You end up spreading the load across more hinges. You can split the items into two bins as frequently used and less used bases in double wrapped slatted frames. On the other hand, individual chest shelves offer more storage space. You have the opportunity to store more items in the same space as you avoid wasting space with duplicate chests.


When choosing a pedestal, you should consider the prevailing style in your bedroom. For example, if your furniture is gray, you can choose a base to complement it from a color chart. Leather floors are easy to clean. However, if temperature is important to you, you can evaluate fabric alternatives such as linen, chenille, cotton.

8-Step Basic Buying Guide
Camira headboard base: (200 × 200 cm) 13,083 TL., Yataş.
MACULAR ATTRACTION: Anthracite tones, angular lines and bases that show a strong attitude allow you to have a modern and timeless style.

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