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8 Trendy Houseplants You’ll See Everywhere in 2024 – My Home

There may be various reasons why you decide to add a new addition to your plant collection. Maybe your other plants are making you feel lonely or you’ve suffered a loss (RIP). By discovering the houseplants that are trending in 2024, you can see which plants you can add to your collection.

According to The Spruce’s interviews with three experts, houseplants that bloom, look like colorful leaves and have shades of pink are expected to be the trend in the coming times.

QUEEN CANDLE FLOWER (Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess)

QUEEN CANDLE FLOWER (Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess)

“Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess is expected to attract the attention of flowering houseplants, especially Hoya, in 2024.

According to Matthew Aulton, co-founder of Plant Proper, Hoya is a great plant to grow indoors because it adapts to home conditions. “Hoya is known for its unique leaves and often fragrant flowers,” he says.

Krimson Princess is one of the most fragrant Hoya species. So if you want a pleasant scent in your home, this may be a plant to choose in 2024. According to Matthew, it may make sense to place your Hoya in a location that receives direct light, but it can also adapt to low light conditions. You can also use a frame or bamboo support to allow it to emerge from the pot or to guide it as it grows.



Tasha Adams, owner of Hickory Lane Plants, predicts plant lovers will expand their collections, especially neon-colored houseplants like Philodendron Moonlight.

“Bold foliage adds a wonderful touch to the room,” she says. “They can be a little difficult to care for, but they grow up like non-neon members of the family.”

Philodendrons grow best in partial sunlight; Too little light can cause the leaves to become long and thin. These plants prefer loose, acidic soil with lots of organic matter.

POWERPHONE PLANT (Dragon Scale Alocasia)

Dragonscale AlocasiaDragonscale Alocasia

Brandon and Emma Fear, co-owners of The Plant Room, plan to sell more and more Alocasia plants this year, especially rare varieties like Alocasia Dragon Scale and Alocasia Tigrina Superba.

Alocasia plants prefer moist environments. Therefore, it may be helpful to stay in a humid environment such as a bathroom or to regularly use a humidifier near the plant.

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Syngonium is a plant with arrow-shaped, deeply lobed leaves that become more prominent as they mature. Some species grow in a straight pattern, while others tend or climb toward a nearby supporting surface. These plants come in different colors, such as completely green or with white spots. There are also varieties with pink leaves, and experts predict this will be one of the houseplant trends of 2024.

“Syngonium is a popular choice for houseplant collections due to its colorful foliage and easy care,” says Matthew. “Their easy care allows houseplant lovers to create a wonderful plant arrangement by planting them in the same pot as other varieties.

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According to trend forecasts, the plant that Tasha features is Philodendron Giganteum Blizzard.

“It’s stunning with its huge leaves and spots,” says Tasha. “It’s definitely a show plant.”

Like most philodendrons, these plants are easy to care for. They prefer regular light, so it may make sense to grow them in a west or south facing window. Alternatively, position it near an east-facing window and provide additional lighting.


Photo: Lomi

According to Brandon, Emma and Matthew, the monstera trend is still gaining momentum.

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“Monstera will definitely be trending in 2024,” says Matthew. “It will be remarkable because the diversity that amateur gardeners have not yet fully explored is great. Monstera deliciosa is a plant that many of us are familiar with; There’s a good reason why it’s widely used. But it’s also fun to have more species available and to grow.

Brandon predicts that Monstera will be more fashionable this year, with more palm-like forms such as Monstera subpinnata and Monstera Burle Marx Flame. These plants are fast-growing vines that tend to climb support structures such as bamboo canes.

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ANTHURIUM (Anthurium Crystallinum)

Anthurium CrystallinumAnthurium Crystallinum

“Anthuriums have been attracting a lot of attention recently due to their colorful and showy foliage,” says Tasha.

One of the standout plants of 2024 is a remarkable species like Anthurium crystallinum. Unlike other types of anthurium, Crystallinum rarely blooms indoors. Rather, the standout feature of these houseplants is their striking heart-shaped leaves with contrasting subtle veins.

Tasha points out that anthuriums like high humidity, which is why she recommends growing them in a DIY greenhouse, such as a china cabinet.

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Our plant experts agree that colorful plants will be on trend in the coming months. Plants with variegated leaves offer a variety of colors, and Monstera albo, which Emma calls a “fan favorite,” is a great example.

Monstera albo can sell for quite high prices, so it is important to do your research before investing in this plant. Placing it in a location with indirect but bright light and using a well-draining potting mix are just a few important care steps.

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