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A colorist tells you 8 colors to use in your living room in 2023

Color expert and designer Maria Killam spoke about what shades are trending in the living room in 2023. Killam suggested insiders ditch the enduring trend neutrals and instead opt for cheerful yellows, burnt oranges or cognac. She also thinks the sofa is a great place to add some color to her living room.

Cheerful yellow sofa

According to Killam, designing a living room you’ll love starts with choosing eye-catching colors that aren’t “boring,” like a bright, cheerful yellow. His own yellow sofa has been in the living room for over 13 years. “During that time, it harmonized beautifully with the different decorating palettes in my living room,” she said. “And I bet you didn’t realize it was more than ten years old.” She prefers bold, fun colors because they’re timeless. According to Killam, while neutral colors are simple and safe, they actually depend on a specific trend cycle. That means it’s outdated.

Traditional blue offers endless possibilities.

Blue is a simple and classic color choice for the living room. Traditional blue isn’t just a feel-good color because, according to Killam, “it will continue to be calm and timeless for years to come.”

“Think of jeans with a crisp white shirt,” Killam said. “It’s easy to accessorize, isn’t it?” Part of the appeal of this shade is that it can be easily paired with so many color options. “Add a blue sofa with lots of fresh white, then combine your favorite accent color and some warm wood tones for a perfectly polished and classic color palette,” she told Insider.

Sophisticated pink offers versatility in design.

For the lucky pink lovers, the hue isn’t going away anytime soon. For Killam, sophisticated pink is “a surprisingly versatile color that looks great on the living room sofa.” The color can be repeated in color options and a rug to complete the entire look.

Dark green goes with everything.

Colors inspired by nature continue to be trendy, which is why Killam loves the versatile dark green for her living room. Dark green can be incorporated into the space with plants and there are numerous decor options that perfectly match the tone.

Rich ocher lends itself to modern or traditional decor.

Although Killam loves ochre, he is also seeing an increasing interest in the clay, the muted gold version of the clay. He said the color offers great design flexibility and “works well in both modern and traditional decor”. Killam recommends using ocher for a sofa, but it can also be a bold and cozy wall colour.

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Warm burnt orange complements the decor

Like Gold and Yellow, Killam has an “orange moment” because it’s “the perfect antidote to unsaturated decor,” she said. There are also numerous varieties of hot burnt orange to suit personality and space. Depending on which harmonious decor you prefer, you can choose between a spicy red-orange or a clearer coral tone.

Sky blue-green brings joy.

There’s something calming and happy about a living room that reflects the colors of the sky and sea, and azure green can be a great color choice to brighten the room. “Aqua colors are always popular and are a great choice at this time when spaces are full of color and have a nice balance of cool and warm,” Killam told Insider.

Classic cognac brings a neutral space to life.

For those who aren’t brave enough to jump on a bright shade of purple, Killam recommends enlivening a neutral space with a warm cognac. “It’s still neutral, but not as flat as coal,” he told Insider. “While it may not seem like a huge leap in colour, it effectively brings a room to life in black and white or all grey.” A cognac leather sofa can be timeless and the color can be repeated with warm wood tones, yellows and golds. Cognac is also versatile enough to complement myriad accent colors, from rich greens and blues to deep plums and pinks.

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