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All about organizing a wardrobe

A tidy wardrobe is an important detail in order to be healthier, more practical and more stylish in private and business life. In addition, a clean, tidy and tidy wardrobe extends the life of our clothes. So what do we need to know when organizing a closet?

Our closets are a very private shelter where we keep our very special pieces. Precious models of clothes often become jewels in our wardrobe. Sometimes we even prefer to store our shoes in our closet, their special shelves keep women’s shoes like high heels safe in our closet. Or our noble bags become the most valuable inhabitants of our wardrobe. In fact, sometimes we prefer not only to keep our clothes, but also our valuable jewelry and safes in our closet, right? Unfortunately, we often do not give a piece of furniture that is so important in our lives the importance it deserves.

The biggest mistake in wardrobe management is to stop accepting that our clothes are too much for the closet. When our clothes no longer fit on the hangers, when we pull the clothes off the hangers and pull them out between the other clothes, it’s time to accept our mistake and take action.

In this case we have two options. Either buy a bigger and new closet or pick out the unused or little-used ones from our clothes, take them out of the closet and put them somewhere else.

The women’s clothing industry is an area that has experienced a rapid model change. We know we want to buy new models of clothes, new fashion clothes as we see them, but first we need to adjust the capacity of our wardrobe. Clothes that are piling up and getting stuck can even harm us in our social life as they become more ironable, wrinkled and even dusty while waiting in the closet.

T-shirts, dresses, skirts, pants… That jumpsuit that we bought so many times last month, or that wonderful blouse that we loved so much we only wore it for special occasions… We might find that she cannot open it or it is worn through rubbing with other clothes.

Therefore, a successful wardrobe is one that does not exceed its capacity. One can understand that. If you want to see the details of an outfit, you won’t find space in the closet to examine it due to the density of other clothes/garments, and you have to take it off the hanger or out of the closet, then your closet is cluttered. Now is the time to take action.

The second detail is the odor management in the closet. Please do not skip this topic. At home, in the kitchen three rooms down, the smell of fried potatoes and boiled beans penetrates your bedroom closet and permeates your clothes. Because when oil evaporates, it moves out of the air very quickly and reaches very distant points inside the house. To prevent this, you should definitely use an extractor in the kitchen, close the kitchen door when cooking and open the windows if possible. Also, keep your bedroom door closed and lavender and fruit blossom perfume sachets in your closet to protect your long-awaited clothes. Because the cause of the bad smell is not always the food, but sometimes even the bedroom itself, where it is stuffy at night. Therefore, airing your bedroom at night is very important, both for your physical health and the health of your clothes.

If you follow these simple rules, you can keep your carefully selected and purchased clothes for many years.

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