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Avoid These Mistakes – My Home

We have compiled common mistakes when decorating. We researched our readers’ questions and compiled 5 decorating mistakes not to be made on those you know wrong. Here are the solutions that will give you ideas.


You might want to be exceptional by making bold decisions, but according to experts, sometimes it is very difficult and very risky to put together the right patterns if you are not very close to the subject. In this case, it’s best to match the known patterns that you’re sure will go together. You can start with flowers and plain colored small patterns, combinations in which at most two or three colors dominate. Example: thin stripes, small flowers and small checks look stylish together. For example, white, red and blue are available for color selection.


Towards the end of the 1980s, dried flower arrangements were a popular decoration. Of course, if you still like this style, you can apply it. However, there are more such decorations Country or chalet style suitable for decoration.

It will look very stylish if you can put dry flower branches in wicker baskets or attach them to places like stair handrails and hangers. However, since dried flowers are now being replaced by plastic flowers, an artificial image is created with unnatural colors and turns into a dust nest over time. Instead, an arrangement with cut buds and scented candles looks much more realistic and stylish.



If you are the owner of a truly artistic painting like Picasso or Van Gogh, you don’t need to put anything else on the wall. However, if there is no such artwork, you can add value by hanging more than one painting in a specific order. It can be anything, for example, landscapes, still lifes or portraits. You can also follow a color scheme or a collection of reproductions from a favorite artist. The problem you will notice is that they all come together to form a large rectangular or oval shape.

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Marble, wood or synthetic materials with a natural stone look … When choosing or using such products, it is essential to know the decoration technique and choose accordingly. Otherwise, materials like “as if” can make the place where they are used look cheaper and worse than it is. Instead, it is not often preferred and is not too expensive, but adds exceptional style and value to rooms. You can rely on strong materials.


When decorating the living room, there are a few things to consider and many common mistakes to correct. So what details should you pay attention to when decorating the living room?

If all your belongings are complete but your room still seems empty, or if your living room is too narrow even though you have everything you need, it means that you are not considering these mistakes when decorating.


Ways to maintain order in the hall

One of the most common living room decorating mistakes is leaning the furniture against the wall.

If you want your living room to feel spacious, the only way to achieve that is by not leaning the furniture all the way against the wall. If you do it this way, the middle area will feel too empty and the elements will be separated from each other.

For this reason, moving the furniture away from the wall, even if it is 5 cm, provides better balance and also gives the impression that the chat area is more intimate.


Natural light is very important in the living room, as in any room. Make sure your belongings are not blocking the natural flow of light in the room. Additionally, if you block the passage of light, the room will appear smaller than it is.


When decorating the living room, it is very important to set up chat areas. People shouldn’t shout or bend over while talking to each other.

For this reason, when arranging the furniture, both the sofa and the armchairs should face each other. In larger living rooms it can be a bit more difficult to make this connection; Remember that you can organize chat areas in more than one way, and you can also group items into themselves.


Each room has a focus. Usually this focus is around the TV or in the chat area. Creating multiple focal points puts a lot of strain on the eyes. In addition, the place seems more crowded than it is.

Details: How do I create a focal point? Determine the focus of the decoration


Furniture and complementary accessories should be proportional to the size of the room. Too many items create a feeling of being squeezed into space. Likewise, few objects make the room appear empty and cold. Things should also have a balance within themselves. For example, if you use a sofa, put two armchairs next to it or complement this sofa with a coffee table and an armchair…

Think before you start decorating

spring decoration
  • How many people need to be accommodated?
  • Do you want the space you create to be just a place for rest and entertainment, or a family environment? Or both?
  • Do you have children? your pet?
  • Will it be a place that you will use more frequently during the day or night?
  • Will this room be useful as a living room or rather a small study?
  • Would you like to be able to stretch your feet on the center table?
  • What kind of activities will you do in this place? Learn? Art? Or just TV?
  • Do you want to hide your TV?

You should ask yourself such questions before decorating any room in your home and consider your lifestyle and decorate accordingly to avoid decorating mistakes.

When creating beautiful spaces, you must first be honest about your lifestyle. You should not only consider your style preferences, but also your usage needs. You can imagine a more formal living room to host a party/invitation, but either you can’t keep everyone entertained or it creates an atmosphere that you and your family won’t particularly enjoy. What will happen, after all, someone will be unhappy. Remember that a space that looks like an exhibition hall gives the feeling of being very valuable and unique, but nobody wants to enter this space. There is nothing sadder than an unused room.

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Therefore, you should observe what is not working in your plan and come up with ideas for possible fixes. Have you ever been unable to hear music because the speakers were in another room? Or that you are sorry to put the very small coffee table in front of your guests? When you find solutions to mistakes and problems, you can create a place that fits your lifestyle and works for you, not a place that dictates how you should behave.


7 basic mistakes and solutions that we ignore when choosing a paint color and that make the most mistakes …

– Is the natural color just beige? Yes, beige is a natural color. But other colors can also create natural effects in the room. For example, the bright red used in the bedroom can be combined with soft green to create a natural, warm and soft atmosphere.

– Don’t forget the primary colors The choice of color is crucial and important, from the style of decoration to the smallest detail. Don’t make a decision without examining the primary and secondary colors in the color palette and seeing the color transitions.

– 60-30-10 rule When choosing colors, follow the 60-30-10 rule. In the room, the main color should make up 60 percent, the secondary colors 30 percent, and the accent color 10 percent.

– Do not overdose when choosing colors Color combinations create dynamic spaces. But when more than one wrong note comes together, the result can be boring and overwhelming. So choose between monochrome or current color palettes and again follow the 60-30-10 rule.

– When applying color trends It’s easy to mix and match wall colors and accessories while renovating your home with trendy colors. However, considering that the work will be complemented by furniture, you should choose colors that will not go out of style.

– Do not distinguish between colors Don’t stick to traditional patterns in your decisions. This limits the use of color and hinders your liberation. Combine traditional colors with different and eye-catching shades.

– Pay attention to light and lighting! The light the room receives and the type of lighting you use have a huge impact on color perception. Before you decide, check how each color reflects in the room at different times of the day and what atmosphere it creates.

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