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Bed Perimeter Ideas for Bedroom Decor – My Home

Before you know it, you’re spending most of your life in your bedroom. You should carefully choose your bed and the furniture and accessories you use to sleep better and start the day happily.


To mark

Those who want to create a boudoir-style atmosphere in the bedroom should not miss out on the golden effects and velvety softness, as we enter a season where metallic sparkle never leaves us. Just let the gold accompany bronze and black!

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Shy bohemian

Led by pink, blue and white, naïve identities that don’t give up their free spirit adapt country style codes to the city. The patterns are mixed with an eclectic language from floral to Suzen.

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Atwood Crate&Barrel bedside table

The place where you sleep should also reflect your taste and give you peace of mind. The populist landscape views transformed by the naturalist movement are now revealed in wood textures and artistic lines with chaotic rhythm.

minimal, ethnic, vintage, retro or hut…regardless of your decorating style, if you have an emotional personality, you may want to have something romantic around you.


You can always remember that innocent and naive feeling of putting items in a few corners of the house instead of just cramming it into one month of the year (February, the month when romance soars). Also, it’s very easy to find something for every style. With a pink bedspread and carpet, floral furniture, green walls and elegant details, the room reflects traditional English romance.


Enlist the help of accessories when adding romance to ethnic and local styles. Angel, star and flower figures always provide romantic nuances. Additionally, local figurines such as Japanese doll figures, bird cages, paper lanterns and even some Chinese dragons are ethnic yet romantic when colored in pink.


For romance in the bohemian style, in which many patterns and colors dominate, create stylized floral motifs, color themes dominated by red and bright pink. However, choose white as the main color of your decoration theme and prefer pastel colors for the overtones.


With a fluffy rug in front of the fireplace, a soft blanket and enveloping wool textures, there seems to be no need for anything special in this warm country atmosphere. You can place cute items in a few corners of the house.


If you have an extraordinary sense of decoration, it can be a bit extravagant and glamorous, but you can be inspired by avant-garde furniture. You can create alluring, bold spaces with a large headboard, accessories with large crystal stones, and shiny textured fabrics.


Fanetta Bedding Set Karaca Home

Actually, you don’t have to add much to the romantic effect of natural tones and textures. A few fresh flowers, scented candles reminiscent of the sea or the forest, raw wooden objects and a few twigs.


The fur and wood texture of the country house, the pink color of the vintage style, the stone chandeliers of the baroque style, the modern floral decors, the list goes on and on. It is not at all difficult to create romantic mixtures in eclectic decoration that includes different styles. Because you can choose the most romantic element of each style and use them together.

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Found in almost every style, flowers reflect the traditional romance of the setting in which they are used. Whether modern or classic, a serving set with a pink or red floral motif leaves a romantic effect on the table.

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Set romantic accents with bows, ruffles and tassels in a decoration that reflects the opulent atmosphere of castles.

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With metallic accessories, transparent materials such as plexiglass and specially designed objects, romantic environments can be created in the clear and sober atmosphere of modern style. You can also use heart, angel and star figures in this style. Let your colors be variations of red, black, and white.

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