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Home » Bohemian touch for the old kitchen from the 90s! – My home

Bohemian touch for the old kitchen from the 90s! – My home

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The transformation of this old kitchen from the 90’s is quite impressive. Thanks to the renovation with color and a few small touches, the kitchen now appears brighter and more spacious.

Suzy Jean (@sweetbungalow) couldn’t afford to renovate the kitchen in this ’90s house. With dark red walls and two rows of wooden cabinets. Small KitchenShe seemed even smaller with these colors. Jean felt the kitchen should be brighter and more spacious.

For a stylish renovation with little effort, the sleeves are rolled up. The cabinets on the floor were painted olive green. Elegant handles have been added to the cabinets. Also, the lighting above the sink has been changed.

This change is an inexpensive project that makes a big difference. The floor has been replaced with a light color for a lighter, more luminous feel.

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After these operations, small details were added to the kitchen. Like plants and painting to highlight a cute little shelf. Boho completed the view.

Photos: Suzy Jeans

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