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Can you fertilize flowers with sugar fertilizer? – My home

Can you fertilize flowers with sugar fertilizer? What are the advantages or disadvantages? How often is it used and what flowers can it be given? Naz Irmak Saf from Plantli Evim responded.

Sugar fertilizer is a type of artificial fertilizer. Because of its crystalline appearance, it is called sugar fertilizer. The reason it is generally preferred in plants is to provide nitrogen and sulfur support. It is also known as ammonium sulfate fertilizer.

Can you give flowers sugar fertilizer?

Especially when there is no crop rotation, the nutritional value of the soil gradually decreases due to continuous use. In order Can you fertilize flowers with sugar fertilizer? Sugar fertilizer is used to restore nutritional value and make calcareous soils more productive. In recent years, it is increasingly preferred by farmers.

It does not contain as many elements as natural fertilizers. However, it has become a preferred product due to its soil-regulating effects. It helps reduce the high alkalinity of the soil.


Can you fertilize flowers with sugar fertilizer?

Sugar fertilizer, thanks to the nitrogen it contains in the form of ammonium It helps phosphorus to be more easily absorbed from the soil. Because the pH decreases when nitrogen is converted into nitrate The acidity of the soil increases. For soils with high acidity, attempts are made to balance the acidity with 33% ammonium nitrate fertilizer. But In calcareous soils, sugar fertilizer can make the soil more balanced and productive and suitable for agriculture.

Sugar fertilizer should not be touched by hand for a long time. Because prolonged skin contact can cause damage. Therefore it is important to wear gloves.

If you want to use sugar fertilizer in areas such as gardens and agricultural areas, There is no harm in using it as a soil regulator. But please, let’s not forget that it only provides nitrogen and sulfur support to the plant! Its use is particularly advantageous in areas with a high lime content in the water and in areas with a high lime content.

Which flowers can be given sugar fertilizer?

It can be used to care for plants that love nitrogenous soil. Normal natural fertilizers contain nitrogen. However, if this amount is not enough, additional sugar fertilizer can also be administered. Overuse can disrupt the plant’s balance. For this reason, it must be used at specific scales and as needed.

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If the soil is acidic, using sugar fertilizer can do more harm than good. In such areas it should be used in small quantities. Of course, it should be used as needed, otherwise there may be a calcium deficiency in the plant. This can cause major damage to the plant.

In recent years, sugar fertilizer additives have been widely used for many seed crops. This way, growing crops from seeds becomes a little easier.

You can apply it to some extent to the soil of the plants you want to grow from seeds or seedlings, such as cucumbers, tomatoes or eggplants. Again Corn, cabbage, ornamental plants was also commonly used. Especially ornamental plants, which we call foliage plants in houseplants It is also used.


For houseplants with huge leaves, you can pour a teaspoon of water per liter of water. However, frequent use can damage plant roots. Therefore, a supplement once a year is sufficient. It is suitable for use on Monstera species, Alocasia species and bonsai ornamental trees.

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