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Can you spray or water the flowers with vinegar water? Benefit-Harm – My Home

Can you spray or water the flowers with vinegar water? What are the advantages or disadvantages? What effect does vinegar have on plants? Naz Irmak Saf from My Plantli Evim explained the details of giving vinegar water to the flowers.

If you don't want to use medications or nutritional supplements with a high chemical content on plants, you want to find the solution in the most natural way possible. Unfortunately, while you can sometimes achieve positive results using natural methods, sometimes these products can be weak in the fight alone. In addition, those looking for a natural solution should be patient in this process and pay attention to the correct application. Natural methods require patience. It is often difficult to find a solution immediately. It is possible to find a solution after a few uses. However, if the plant has a disease or pest that it is struggling with, it can cause major problems.

If natural methods are to be applied to crops over a large agricultural area, this process may affect the quality of the crops. Therefore, you can choose a more appropriate pesticide application.


Vinegar water for flowers

Undesirable weeds occur primarily on agricultural land and in gardens. Some of these weeds prevent or damage the growth of the plant next to them. Therefore using natural methods Ways to get rid of weeds is wanted. For so many people vinegar water Used.

Vinegar is said to be an all-natural organic weed killer. But as we have mentioned in every article Overuse can also cause damage to the mother plant. Or whether it should be applied to the floor They can disrupt the balance of the soil. This means that the quality of the soil deteriorates and plant health is negatively affected.

It is important that the vinegar is natural, homemade vinegar. Instead of bottled vinegar containing chemicals, homemade apple cider vinegar or white vinegar is suitable for these applications.

The application should not be made directly to the floor. Directly with spray bottle with spray function You can use it on weeds.

If They provide outdoor care If you encounter any disease in your plants or If a simple species of lice has attacked your plant, you can mix it with natural vinegar or white vinegar, natural dishwashing detergent or soap and apply directly to the problem area.

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Every plant species has unique needs. Since plants obtain their nutrients from the soil using their roots, the quality and content of the soil is of great importance for plant development. Some plant species like to live in soils with high acidity. For example, well-known species such as apple, geranium, arugula, bougainvillea, beans, Caladium species, camellia, ferns, gardenia, erica and hydrangea love acidic soil.

If you are growing one of these plants and the soil you are using has low acidity, add a quarter glass of white vinegar to 1 liter of water. Use this mixture in one watering only and continue subsequent waterings as usual. Use only once a year. Continuous application can degrade the quality of your soil. Do not use any vinegar other than white vinegar!

You can also use vinegar in adverse situations such as fungus and mold. Again, I recommend using white vinegar or homemade apple cider vinegar. It should be applied directly to the problem area.

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