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Children’s room models and decoration ideas 2023 • DeCombo

Children’s room models and decoration ideas. girls bedroom And Models for boys room. Here from A to Z children’s room decoration and modern nursery designs…

nursery models When it says, fun, cute and colorful spaces come to life in our eyes. However children’s room; It is a living space in itself that includes many activities such as sleeping, playing, learning. In addition, in this process from infancy to adolescence, children’s needs and tastes are constantly changing and evolving. Well, it’s a wonderful thing for your child to grow up confident in and shape their character and future. children’s room decoration are you ready to do 🙂

In this article creative and functional for children of different ages Children’s room models and decoration ideas we shared Good reading…

Note: If you feel that the examples below are not appropriate for your child’s age group, Ideas for decorating baby rooms or Modern young room designs You can read our articles.

How to decorate children’s room?

1. Decide on a color scheme

Children’s room decoration The starting point should be to decide on the color scheme. Because you already benefit from this color scheme when buying furniture, textile products and accessories. Children’s room decoration We recommend that you ask about your child’s preferences when deciding on the main color. In this way, your child will bond with their room and feel that they have a special space of their own.

If you’re a parent who likes simplicity, fear not; There are several ways to balance your child’s joy with your own. 🙂 For example; You can paint a single wall a bright color or cover it with wallpaper. You can leave the other walls in neutral tones like white and gray. This makes it easy for you to make changes if your child’s taste changes or if you get bored of the same color. Our other suggestion is to not stick to one color. Choosing a few colors and patterns that are compatible with each other will also make it easier to choose textiles and accessories.

Do you find it difficult to combine different colors and patterns? ‘ Pattern and color combinations in the decoration ‘ like a pro by reading our article children’s room decoration you can do!

2. Choose fun furniture

children’s furniture The first thing to do before deciding is to take measurements. Start by drawing a simple plan that includes the room’s dimensions, ceiling height, indentations, and projections. While a standard single bed is sufficient to start with, remember that as your child grows you will need to enlarge the bed and plan floor plans accordingly.

For a small children’s room, you can choose a compact design with a bed, desk and storage space. If your ceiling height is appropriate, loft-style bunk beds are a great solution. So you can use the underside of the bed for different functions such as workspace, play and storage. If you want, you can choose a fun bed design with a special theme. or shared Nursery models You can have a design that you choose from the dimensions of your own space.

Natural wood, white-painted wood, or metallic materials are reasonable choices as they complement most color schemes. So you don’t have to change the furniture every time you change the color scheme. DIY – DIY Unless, of course, you don’t like doing projects. 🙂 If you have a hobby of recycling used furniture, you can do wonders by painting your old furniture. In addition to keeping costs low, we recommend that you look to antique stores for creative and custom-made furniture just for your child.

By painting an old piece of furniture with chalkboard paint like above, you can create surfaces for your kids to doodle freely on. You can also involve your child in painting. So, while decorating a fun and original children’s room, you also contribute to the development of your child’s creativity.

3. Add a useful rug

for children’s rooms carpet selection You should consider more criteria than the other rooms in your house. Especially if you have a small child, you should choose a soft carpet in case your child might play or fall on the floor. However, instead of long-pile carpets, choose an antibacterial and anti-allergic carpet. Also, consider the possibility of constant spills on the floor and try to choose a color or pattern that will hide the stains.

4. Create large storage rooms

I think it goes without saying how messy a child’s room can be. 🙂 Make sure you have enough boxes and baskets for toys, clothes, books, art paper and more. You can use clear plastic boxes so your child can easily find what they are looking for. Or you can create an organized and decorative look with brightly patterned boxes that hide their contents. If so, you can get your child organized by putting labels on the boxes as above.

Try to use every possible space for storage. Choose boxes of the same size so you can stack them on top of each other. Use the spaces under the bed and above the closet. Add custom closets, shelves, and hangers for your child’s clothes and books. Remember that well-organized storage areas are essential to good nursery decor.

5. Add personality with accessories

In this process, which continues from infancy through adolescence, your child’s needs and tastes will constantly change and evolve. It is therefore advisable to create easily interchangeable surfaces such as shelves for paintings, wall panels or grid panels. Like this wall decoration You don’t have to drill through the wall every time to change them. In addition, your child has a wall that they can change and edit according to their interests.

For example, you can create a kid-friendly gallery wall by hanging glassless frames on the wall. You can update these frames with different themes like dinosaur pictures or car photos. As an easier method, you can stretch a rope on the wall and hang up postcards and pictures with a few wooden clips. By making these changes with your child, you can turn them into an activity that encourages your child’s creativity.

6. Create fun corners

It’s time, Decorating ideas for children’s rooms to the funniest article below: How about creating a mini entertainment corner for your child? For example, you can create a sense of adventure by building a climbing wall like the one above. To do this, glue some plywood, add climbing holds that you can easily buy online, and draw a simple picture of a mountain. Don’t forget to put cushions on the floor for a soft landing.

You can also put up a wigwam or a Lego table for a fun corner. For example, you can buy an inexpensive table and glue several Lego base plates onto the table. By creating a defined Lego playground for your child, you also get rid of stray Lego pieces. 🙂

nursery models

Below we have shared models of girls’ rooms, boys’ rooms, children’s rooms for two and neutral (genderless) children’s rooms. Here are the creative and modern children’s room designs that you can take inspiration from when designing your children’s room:

Neutral children’s room models

nursery designTry to create different levels of fun during the race. In the above example the low floor cotDoubling of the usable area by allowing the second floor. So on two-layer pillows that stretch along the wall; Different areas of use were created for sleeping, playing and reading.

If you don’t want to paint an entire room, you can create an eye-catching effect by painting just one or two walls a bright color. In addition, you can direct your child to the desk with a clever painting method like the one above. 🙂

Does your child like a cat? We’re sure a wallpaper like the one above will make him very happy. 🙂

If you and your child can’t agree on the color choice, how about different color blocks? In the example above; The coral colored work area and green sleeping area are balanced by the gray dressing area. You too children’s room decoration You can use colors strategically and functionally as above.

Create cozy corners. With a mattress with a black frame and LED lighting, you can offer your child a good night’s sleep.

Here’s a fun and adventurous nursery decor with tropical wallpaper and a green theme.

This custom made wooden children’s furniture is ideal for those who like minimalist and natural children’s room designs. The curtains and accessories used, together with natural wood, create a stylish and high-quality effect.

Models for girls room

Room models for boys

Two-person children’s room models

We hope the above Children’s room models and decoration ideas inspired you to create a wonderful room for your child. If you decorate a small space, Decorating ideas for small bedrooms Our article may be useful to you. decoration for inspiration on various topics home decoration ideas Don’t forget to visit our page! 🙂

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