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Choose the right vase for your zodiac sign! – My home

If your choice of vases that house flowers and complement your style doesn’t reflect you at all, you can use your zodiac codes to find the perfect vase.

For more information on horoscopes and decoration, see our articles on our Decoration by Zodiac page.

Aries VASE

The Goatz Candles Concrete: 845 TL.,

Aries: May is your favorite time of the year. Because it’s your birthday! Colored from the energetic orange of the sun, this concrete terrazzo vase is bright and strong just like you.

Taurus VASE

Mini pottery with floral pattern: 339 tsp.,

Taurus: Before plucking flowers from your cocoon of happiness, your pleasure garden, you might want a vase with a floral design.


Giona Unita ceramic face.,
butterfly furniture.

GEMINI: Your playful and playful side comes back to life. Now it’s time to show everyone how fun you are.


Excelsa Birdhouse lantern/vase: 630 tsp.,

CRAB: Your priority is always a warm home. Then start with a house shaped vase to remind you of that and then transform the whole house into how you envision it.


Rozzi small cube: 3,366 tsp.,

ASLAN: You always love the leading role and dramatic action, but let this extravagant vase take the stage this time.


Lissa handmade: 299.90 TL.,

BAŞAK: When the spring cleaning is over, it’s time to treat yourself to a handy vase to keep the flowers in order.


Hand-painted pottery: 1,099.99 TL., Richter

LIBRA: Things might have gotten a little out of hand lately. But this two-handled vase before your eyes will bring back the balance you’ve been missing.

Scorpion VASE

Murano glass: 1,600 TL + VAT,

Scorpio: Treat yourself to the self-care routine you deserve: place eucalyptus branches in a glass vase with all the colors of the sea for a relaxing spa effect.

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Phoebe Wood Fiber and Seaweed: 44.43 tsp.,
Mudo concept.

YAY: Africa, Far East, South America… A passion for wanderlust is indispensable for you. Feel this at home to the fullest with an ethnic vase made from 100 percent natural material.

Capricorn VASE

Patterned pottery: 119.90 tsp.,
Boyner is at home.

Capricorn: Show your patient personality by carefully filling this large vase with newly sprouting rose branches and waiting for it to open.

Aquarius VASE

Handmade waterproof paper vase by Bazaa: 390 TL.,

Aquarius: It’s your job to keep up with trends. Give your home an innovative look with unusual shapes and materials.


Ceramic fish: 379.99 tsp.,
H&M home page.

FISH: Silent fish, watch out! Prioritize yourself now and let your astrological symbol take center stage in the house.

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