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Daffodil flower care, watering, propagation, meaning and tips – My Home

How should the care of daffodil flowers be, what is its importance? Questions like these are often explored. We have put together the details on daffodil care, watering and propagation for you.

What is daffodil flower?

Daffodil flower, also known as “Dahlia flower“is an onion plant. In fact, “Fulya” is a type of daffodil. But over time it became known by that name. Its common name in English is “daffodilIs.

The scientific name of the daffodil flower is daffodil. Daffodil means beauty. Sometimes it even means being beautiful enough to harm yourself.

Daffodil flower


The daffodil flower comes from ancient Greek mythology. There is even a story about the meaning of his name.

One day Zeus returned to Olympus as a womanizer as usual. Hera saw it and went crazy. He immediately went to earth and punished the first woman he saw. Poor Echo, she was so beautiful that everyone admired Ekho. But he could not escape Hera’s wrath.

Hera punished Ekho by not being able to speak. Now he can only repeat people’s last words. Narcissus is the most beautiful person of all time, born from the union of Cephissus, the god of rivers, and a fairy girl. It mesmerized everyone who looked at it with its beauty.

When Narcissus was born, the oracles spoke about fate. They said: “As long as he does not see it himself, his life will be long.” One day Narcissus wanders through the forests of Karaburun. And it surprises everyone with its beauty. He has now become a young man. He is overwhelmed by the interest. He humiliates everyone. He doesn’t tolerate anyone. One day while walking in the forest, the beautiful Echo sees Narcissus and falls in love with him as soon as she sees him.

Narcissus doesn’t see Echo, but he feels like someone is watching him. He calls out: “Who is there?” Proverb. Echo replies, “There, there.” Narcissus doesn’t understand anything and calls out again: “Who are you?” “Who are you, who are you, who are you?” Echo can’t stand it and walks in front of Narcissus. The arrogant Narcissus runs away as soon as he sees Echo.

Ekho’s world collapses. He goes crying into a mountain hole. One day while Narcissus is wandering through Karaburun, he finds a lakeshore and bends down to drink water. At this moment fate comes true. Narcissus falls in love with his reflection in the lake. He tries to reach out, but every time he reaches out, the beauty he sees disappears. This continues every day. He stopped eating and drinking.

Echo cries in the mountain hole; “I hope you love like I do but don’t get together,” he said between his sobs. The gods took pity on Narcissus and turned him into a flower by the lake. This flower is said to be the “narcissus flower”.


It is the most beautiful flower we can see in Karaburun every spring. The narcissism that Freud introduced into psychology comes from the arrogance of our narcissism. Daffodils now live in every daffodil flower we see. In other words; The gods, who had never seen Narcissus, asked the lake, in whose waters Narcissus saw his own reflection. “Tell us about Narcissus, how was it?”. The lake replied, “I never noticed Narcissus.” Gods; ‘But how? He watched his own reflection in you for hours. Goal; “I saw my own beauty in the light of her eyes as she leaned towards me.” (Quote: Rahşan Erdem)

Daffodil flowerDaffodil flower


Daffodil flowers are plants with bulbous roots. Their homeland is the Mediterranean region and its surroundings. Maintenance can be easily carried out indoors and outdoors.


Daffodils like to live in the cooler months. The period from November to the end of January is the best time to plant daffodil bulbs. They don’t like summer heat. When the heat sets in, it sheds its leaves and dries up its roots.

It will become apparent in the first weeks of spring.


When caring for a daffodil flower in a pot, there are a few points you need to keep in mind. Pots that are not too wide and offer space for 3-4 daffodil bulbs are preferred.

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A mixture of peat and perlite can be used as soil. It can also grow in sandy, moist soils rich in organic matter. The soil should be permeable to water. Soils that retain water can damage onions.

It likes to receive light indirectly.


If the pot needs care, watering can be done three or four times a week. It loves well-drained soil.


The tip for caring for daffodil flowers is: Narcissus species renew themselves through their leaves. After flowering, these leaves should be allowed to grow and then die back. In this way, the daffodil flower begins to renew its bulb. If you remove the leaves before they die completely, you will damage the bulb of the daffodil flower.


Daffodil flowers reproduce in three ways. Propagation is possible by seeds, dividing or saving bulbs.

When the flowers are completely dry, you can store the bulbs for next year either in pots or in a cool place.

You can also separate and propagate the offspring from below.

Propagation by seeds is very difficult. It requires patience and time. You can grow a plant from seeds in about 5 years.

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