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Home » Dark color change in the bedroom with before and after photos – My Home

Dark color change in the bedroom with before and after photos – My Home

Blue color can give a room the feeling of floating in the clouds. However, some shades of blue can make the room look more like a “baby room” than a “bedroom.” Therefore, you should be careful when choosing the tone.

Lindsey said they haven’t made any changes to the bedroom for a long time while they renovated other rooms in their 1960s home.

“There were still nails hanging on the walls from the previous owner. We are so focused on other areas of the house that we completely neglect our bedroom. It looked boring, uninspired and very disorganized.”

Since they were spending so much time at home this year due to the pandemic, they needed a place at home where they could truly relax. For this reason, they decided to take measures to renew their bedroom decoration.


Lindsey started by painting the walls gray-blue. They described this color as “the perfect deep blue for our bedroom.” This wall color immediately made the bedroom look more luxurious. Lindsey also painted the cabinets, which made the room appear more cohesive.

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Lindsey also updated her existing dresser. All drawer fronts were framed and painted light gray. A new wooden bed, new table lamps, artwork and a new mirror were purchased.

The new bedroom looks elegant. It is now a welcoming and relaxing place. “Our bedroom looks like a cool boutique hotel room and has become my favorite place to relax,” says Lindsey.


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