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Decorate Your Home by Color Codes: 10 Tips – My Home

It is very important that the house in which you start a new life has a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. Here we asked personal and architectural color code consultant Zeynep Tarhan Muslu about the meaning of colors and how to decorate your home according to color codes.


As you move toward marriage, you will more or less know where you and your future spouse are mentally compatible. What about the colors? Have you ever thought about which shades make you look good together and balance them well?

In fact, each individual has an individual color preference. This setting corresponds to a few tones and is well balanced. These shades help the person to present a correct image and look healthy and beautiful. Above all, people make color-related textile, architectural and cosmetic decisions very quickly and with little expenditure of money. This could be a decision made during the “what to wear crisis” in the morning, or the tone and style of the outfit to be chosen for a special invitation… Or the color decision of the place to decorate… In short, people whose color code has been solved can make faster and more effective decisions and make a case for themselves. They create images.


Chango and company

Since the color code is completely independent of genetic and environmental factors, we often observe that even the same family members have completely different color preferences. First, the color codes of family members or roommates must be solved individually and the intersection points in the dominant color characteristics must be recorded.

The colors and light intensities of the house should then be determined and it should be revealed which colors should appear in which proportions and in which shapes in the house.

Color changes depending on the light source should be monitored

Unfortunately, the choice of decoration is often made outside of the venue. This is the beginning of certain errors. When making architectural and decorative decisions, it is necessary to think about the effect of these colors in the light sources of the space to be decorated and, if possible, observe them.

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For example, we have a house that runs in very soft and warm clay rivers. In order to suddenly place silver or bluish objects in this house, it is necessary to first create a subtle flow of colors. Decisions made based on trends, objects, or immediate feelings without taking these currents into account often lead to tiring results.


  • one. First, discover your dominant color characteristic.
  • 2. Start decorating your home by examining your face in daylight. Whatever shades make you look good, you’ll definitely want to see colors that match that tone in your home.
  • 3. Do the same research on the person or people you share your home with, determine common hues that you like to use, and stick with them.
  • 4. Think about what you want to achieve in your home with these common shades and decide.
  • 5. Be especially careful when deciding on the colors of pieces such as floors, windows, and closets.
  • 6. Carefully consider the light sources in the home when choosing gradients.
  • 7. Pay attention to the balance between dark and light objects.
  • 8th. Choose walls whose color you can easily change seasonally. Use these walls to create transitions when changing the style of the room.
  • 9. Add a personal touch to the room by using colors that are compatible with your personal color code but too bold to use on large objects to create accents on small objects.
  • 10. Make the right decision for objects that will add sparkle to your home. Clearly determine which of the gold, silver, bronze or copper sparkles matches the color flow.

Photo: Ege armchair, Buka sofa.

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