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Derelict 14 bedroom, 15 bathroom country house for sale for £1.5m

A derelict 14 bedroom, 15 bathroom country estate for sale in Blackdown Hills, on the Somerset/Devon border. The mansion was built in 1838 by George Wyndham, fourth Earl of Egremont.


Purchased in November 2020 from its current owner, Blackborough House is designed as an Italian style palace with 14 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and nine reception rooms. The manor house is situated in the Blackdown Hills, which stretch along the Somerset-Devon border and are designated an Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The current owner is in the middle of the restructuring process but had to put the property up for sale due to work that required moving abroad.

As part of the renovations, solar panels and a biomass boiler were installed, trees were planted, the ground was filled in, and animals such as ducks were brought onto the site.

Must be completely renovated

Despite its majestic appearance, the listed country house was never completed and is in need of a complete refurbishment.

When the homeowners bought the property, they wanted to make the villa more eco-friendly by installing solar panels and a biomass boiler.

These changes resulted in the owner wanting to sell the property for a staggering £1,495,000, which was previously listed at £400,000 in 2020.

“When I bought the house, it was washed”

The owner, who asked not to be named, said: “Right from the start I made it clear that I wanted to finish the house in an environmentally friendly way.” to present vehicles. When I bought this villa it was absolutely a wreck. Since there was car junk everywhere, I spent a lot of time cleaning up.” says.

The manor house was built in 1838 by George Wyndham, fourth Earl of Egremont and designed as an Italianate palace by the famous architect James Thomas Knowles.

This mansion was used as a rectorate for a time and as a school for a time. During World War II it also served as a Quaker training center for conscientious objectors and was then converted into a youth hostel.

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It was also used as a car salvage garden, where car collector Ralph Sanders housed a large number of old cars for a time.

With extensive work, the owner began to uncover hidden treasures such as the walled garden and even a swimming pool.

“We didn’t know how big the walled garden was or what it was like because it was like Jumanji. We were surprised to separate it and find the most beautiful walled garden.” says.

The property is divided into two sides, the east and west wings.

The west wing features a library and gallery, a three-story stairwell, a cinema room, and two 70-foot entrance towers.

The stairway to the first floor houses three bedroom suites and an office, while the second floor houses a four bedroom suite and gym. There is also a two bedroom suite and a detached apartment on the second floor.

This is what the inside of the mansion looks like with a secret room behind the wall

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