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Dining table decoration and decoration examples 2023 • DeCombo

so cool Dining table decoration and decoration examples. Inspiration for different styles Table decoration examples And stylish table presentations.

Whether you are preparing a stylish invitation table for your guests or a daily dining table for your family, decorating a dining table is an art. Although it may seem simple, it is necessary to harmoniously bring together many details such as dishes, tablecloth, runners, tabletop, cutlery, napkins, glasses, flowers, candlesticks and other accessories.

Below we have shared some dining table examples and some tips that you can imitate while arranging a stylish and cool dining table that reflects your taste. Here one is more creative than the other with different colors and textures like in a painting. Dining table decoration and decoration examples

How to decorate the dining table?

There are 3 things to consider when decorating the dining table: purpose, style and season. Is your goal to organize a stylish invitation table or decorate a daily dining table for your family? What kind of decoration style do you have? For example; modern, country or you can have a classic style. You should use colors, patterns, and textures on your table that reflect your style and harmonize with the rest of your home.

Dining table decoration Another issue affecting your preferences is what time of year you are in. In using lighter colors, natural textures like wicker and vibrant flowers for the spring and summer seasons; In winter and fall, choose accessories that warm you up, like dark colors, textured fabrics, and candles. To learn more tricks about making modern table decorations, you can read our article below:

Here are the stylish and classy ones that we have selected for you. Examples of decorating the dining table:

Examples of dining table decorations

The harmony of the dark blue runners and napkins and the wicker floors with the central decor of pink and white flowers will create a spacious and bright atmosphere.

An example of a lively spring table, consisting of yellow hand-knitted placemats, elegant porcelain dishes with a floral pattern and colorful tulips.

The modern and masculine vibe created by a gray striped rug and gray napkins on a cream crinkled linen tablecloth is softened by classic glasses and romantic florals. You can also tie small bouquets from the flowers you decorate your table with and present them to your guests.

It is enough to use a little color to create a table decoration that is suitable for everyday use and friendly. You can prepare a practical and attractive table with yellow napkins, blue candlesticks and modest wildflowers under the plates. In this example we see the perfect harmony of straw and blue.

You can create a neat and stylish table setting for your formal invitations by softening the clean and formal look of a white ironed tablecloth with green glass decor and pastel flowers.

Tulips and hyacinths in shades of pink and purple bring a vibrant and fresh touch to this stylish table setting, which uses vintage accessories.

We explain the formula for decorating a table that is as stylish as it is fun, as in this example of a table that stands out with the runner with fish scales: a black tablecloth, metal accessories, colorful flowers and some patterns.

when you’re at home Country style decoration style When it catches on, the formula is: a checkered or striped (preferably linen) tablecloth, floral crockery, braided cones and rustic wildflowers. 🙂

Don’t you also find brass accessories and the wonderful harmony of pink, rose-colored glass bowl, white pearls and striped candles very stylish?

With a striped runner, checkered plates, wicker mugs and wooden vases you get a simple and natural-looking table decoration. Don’t forget to leave a white tulip on your guests’ plates as a gesture.

Here’s a stylish and striking design in a practical way, without having to buy new crockery or cutlery. table decoration Another method: use black plates to make your white plates stand out, draw attention with a black and white striped runner, fill every white or glass bottle and pot in your home with a variety of white flowers.

The casual style of blue and white napkins among braided cups and plates is added to the elegance by gleaming glass and metal accessories scattered around the table.

Yet another country Dining table decoration Example and again striped tablecloths and napkins. Of course, these are not enough to capture the country house style. You should complement your style with other furniture like rustic chairs and a serving cabinet. Not to mention the elegance of the olive branch in the center, used in place of expensive flowers. 🙂

Another example of a modern and sober dining table, enlivened by the harmony of neutral colors and colorful flowers.

Blue and pink glass goblets add a vibrant and romantic vibe to the natural texture of the wood and wicker.

Pink roses, succulents and leaf-like colorful plates and different types of accessories are used together in this eclectic table setting. A nice touch was made to guests with the tiny succulents left on the plates.

Emphasizing the purple color on this classic-style breakfast table, silver-tone cups and candlesticks and embossed glassware add elegance to the table. Turquoise platters and printed plates balance this elegance with their fun style.

If you like classic and romantic designs, you should definitely add nostalgic pieces like embroidered napkins and lace to your table. Pink glass and gold cutlery are a great combination for your table. But be careful not to overload your table with too many classic details and sprinkle in a few modern objects (like tulips in simple vases).

An exceptional example of a table decorated with all-natural elements! You can surprise your guests by placing leaves and dried flowers under the glass plates.

Another rustic table setting… Especially for al fresco dining, you can decorate your table with rustic touches like burlap, glasses, and milk bottles. In the middle of the plates you can leave a small flower and a welcome message.

Stylish, natural, striking and simple! Only with so few pieces could such a beautiful table be prepared. What you need for an inexpensive and effective dining table decoration as above: A white tablecloth, dark wicker coasters, light blue napkins and a few colorful glass accessories.

The perfect harmony of pink and gray matte china plates, dried flowers and salmon-colored candles came together to create this naïve table.

In this dining table example, the industrial atmosphere of the chair, Supla, vase and napkin ring; It was softened with the use of blue patterned accessories and flowers and this unique table was born.

Another spring-themed table setting adorned with woven placemats, colorful glass mugs and floral plates.

Hand-knit vintage suplas, embroidered blue napkins and cute napkin rings stand out on this appetizing breakfast table.

We hope we share Dining table decoration and decoration examples has inspired you to organize your own desk. homemade Dining table decoration Don’t forget to share your experiments with us in the comments. 🙂 For more examples and tips table decoration You can visit our site.

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