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Home » Don't throw away the tea bags! You can use it in 11 different ways – My Home

Don't throw away the tea bags! You can use it in 11 different ways – My Home

Do not throw away the tea bags. Used tea bags are still useful even after drinking tea. We can say that cleanliness is the best of it. Do you want to use used tea bags? If your answer is yes, you can try these quick and practical suggestions.


Tea bags covered in viscous oils clean the dishes Can be used for. Place your dishes in the sink filled with water and throw in a few used tea bags. Tea has a fat-dissolving effect, In addition, dried food residues are softened.

Place a tea bag in the pan or saucer with the stubborn stains and add hot water. Wait until morning and Stains can be easily removed.

Don't throw away tea bags

Get rid of fungus on plants

on your plants Mushroom For similar formations, soak the used tea bags in cold water. Then water your plants with the tea water you obtained. This way you can make even weak plants stronger.

If you water your houseplants with the remaining cold tea after brewing or place the tea herbs in the soil, the nitrogen in the tea will be created Make your flowers look more vibrant and beautiful will provide.

Brewed tea leaves or tea bags Helps decompose manure. So make sure your tea waste goes into the compost mix and not into the trash.

Eliminate bad smells with tea bags

Do not throw away the tea bags. This also includes tea other than black. Use sachets of refreshing tea such as sage, mint tea and green tea to reduce the effects of garlic, fish and onions. They can prevent bad smells. Wash your hands after eating fish Wipe with tea bags and make the smell disappear.

Use used tea bags to eliminate unwanted odors. Keep refrigerated. Used and dried tea bags help eliminate bad smells in your litter box or litter box.

Don't throw away tea bagsDon't throw away tea bags

Clean glass surfaces with the help of tea bags

Brew the used tea bag again and add the tea water. Spray it on your windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Wipe it with a clean, lint-free cloth and you will see that all stains are removed.

Tea contains fat-breaking compounds. In addition, it is much healthier and cheaper than glass cleaners that contain many chemical compounds!


Lightly brewed tea, remove from heat before boiling Clean your wooden surfaces and furniture and you can use it for polishing.

Clean wooden surfaces with tea bagsClean wooden surfaces with tea bags


dry tea bag Take it and spray it with your favorite perfume or essence. Your home fragrance is ready to hang in your kitchen, room or car!

Keep your pans new with used tea bags

to your pans moist black tea bag When you apply them, you may find that they stay like new for a long time.


Place the teas you have previously used, dried the bags and liked the scent in your closets and drawers to freshen the smell of your clothes. You can also put it in your shoes to change its smell. Eliminate unwanted odors with the tea scent that quickly penetrates your clothes and shoes.

Candle stains can be removed with tea bags

Squeeze excess water out of the tea bag and rub the bags over the melted wax spots. Candle stains disappear immediately.

Parquet cleaning with tea

To clean hardwood floors with tea, boil 5 liters of water in a large teapot or pot on the stove. Add 8 tea bags to a pot of boiling water and wait for the tea to brew. 10 – 15 minutes is enough for brewing. Wait another 5 – 10 minutes until it cools down.

After the mixture has cooled enough to touch, moisten the cleaning cloth with this mixture. Before wiping a large area of ​​the parquet with tea, try it on a small area first. Continue the application by carefully applying the tea towel to the parquet. Remember that the diaper should not be too wet.

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As the tea surface dries, you will notice that the scratches disappear and the parquet appears in brighter and warmer colors. Color disparities in the parquet disappear.

Get rid of insects in the house

Rodents Did you know he hates the smell of tea? Pests Place dry tea bags in the cups so that they can come out. a few drops on it Mint oil drops. After a while, you will notice that the pests buzzing around have disappeared.

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