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Garden pool models and swimming pool examples 2023 • DeCombo

Models for garden pools And Examples of swimming pools. very creative and modern pool designs. natural poolbiological swimming pool models And Examples of modern pools...

Nothing is more relaxing than lounging by the pool and swimming. If you’re one of the lucky people with a garden, you don’t have to travel to enjoy the pool. You can spend a whole summer in the holiday spirit by having a beautiful pool built in your backyard. For example; On a night when you are tired from work, you can relax in the spa pool, have breakfast by the pool on weekends, and throw pool parties with your friends.

Safe for children and pets, suitable for all garden types and budgets on the market pool models exists. If you wish, you can create the most comfortable and fun swimming pool by adding features such as a waterfall, jacuzzi, shallow pool, slide, heating and lighting. Below are creative and modern designs that appeal to different tastes and budgets. Garden Pool Models And Examples of swimming pools we shared When choosing a pool model for your garden, you can be inspired by the following examples; terrace, Swimming pool, Garden And landscaping You can turn your home into a boutique hotel. Are you ready to live in summer vacation mood? 🙂

Garden Pool Designs

This garden is set on a sloping plot and is laid out on two different levels as a pool area and seating area. One side of the pool has been cleverly designed as an open bar, creating alternative uses in the garden. Part of the garden wall that connects the pool and the living area was clad in natural stone and provided with a waterfall.

This 1000 square meter garden example has outdoor areas separated by walls. Right next to the pool, set in a long and narrow garden, there is a dining area and an open-air kitchen. Decorated in red and blue colors, this garden is perfect for dining while listening to the sounds of the water or enjoying the pool.

The swimming pool above is notable for its red whirlpool in the water and floating stepping stones. To reach the whirlpool, covered with red mosaics, you have to get wet. 🙂

This small pool example with a modern design impresses with its floating steps and wonderful lighting. The pool, with its fountains and vibrant lighting, is the focal point of the garden.

Covered in earth toned natural stones and mosaic tiles, this pool has a lush appearance that blends in with the natural surroundings. The water pouring into the pool from the jugs on the wall adds a decorative touch to the pool design.

The example of a modern garden above has a great design, with the landscaping and landscaping emphasizing the geometry of the pool. At the corner of the pool is a whirlpool and a pool waterfall that flows under the elevated sunbathing area. Besides sunbathing to the sound of the water, guests can also dip their feet in the waterfall before entering the pool.

At the interface between the ornamental pool with blue ceramic fountain and the swimming pool, stepping stones lead the user straight to the veranda.

This stylish and modern small pool can also be used at night thanks to its lighting.

In this attractive garden design with an open fireplace and a waterfall, the whirlpool and the swimming pool are separated by a wooden bridge.

This curved swimming pool is finished with a glass mosaic coating. The seating areas in the shallow pool area have a spa function.

In front of the pool is a semi-circular raised whirlpool. This stone seating area transforms into a lively focal point at night with LED lighting.

Inspired by the French countryside, the house’s exterior design features curved lines. Natural stone flooring and artificial grass are used around the curved pool.

Examples of natural pools – Biological pool

An example of a natural pool overlooking the stunning views near the house; It features a waterfall surrounded by river rocks, a fireplace and a hot tub. Sand colored aggregate is used to mimic the beach entrance. To make the setting even more impressive at sunset, colour-changing LED-lit fountains are integrated into the pool entrance.

The free-form pool is surrounded by natural rocks and earth-toned plants, giving it the appearance of a pond. From the shallow pool there is a transition to the swimming pool via steps. Around the organic pond in the middle of the garden there are alternative lounge and seating areas.

In this very stylish and attractive pool example; Cave, waterfall and a hidden slide. 112 tons of hand-picked natural stones and pieces of rock were used to construct the natural-looking pool. The lagoon-style pool with integrated spa features a sunbathing platform illuminated by colorful LED fountains. In addition, the jump from the waterfall, a jumping ramp, a sound system and pool heating ensure maximum fun and comfort in the pool.

This island-style pool design looks very exotic with its waterfall cascading down from the rocks into the pool and the gazebo next to it.

Rocks and natural stones were used in the construction of this family pool, designed for homeowners with young children, as a continuation of the sloping terrain behind. In addition, playful entrances to the pool with steps and slides were created by using the gradient.

It looks like a part of nature with its very creative and fun natural pool design, circular rooms surrounded by rocks and stunning waterfall. While there is a fire pit with a circular seating area inside the island, waterfalls cascade into the pool from the outside. There is also a hot tub set into the rocks and a slide in the pool.

The wooden floor in the courtyard of the house with its wonderful architecture connects indoor and outdoor areas. Thus there is direct access from the house to the pool.

In this tropical landscape design; For the pool, deck and patio, he used natural coral stone in a herringbone pattern.

This curvilinear pool; It has all the necessary details to cool off at night in the sparkling jacuzzi, to lie in the water or just to listen to the sound of the water.

Large pavers of local limestone were used in the construction of this pool, which is striking for its flooring. Granite rocks used in the landscape adorn the pool area.

Examples of modern pools

This modern swimming pool, equipped with all technical devices, is located in the garden of a historic house from the 1920s. A horseshoe-shaped whirlpool is located in the rectangular pool. Three specially designed copper waterfalls and LED pool lights give the area a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

At least as modern elements were used in the exterior design of this modern house. The spa pool is separated from the swimming pool by its specially designed blue mosaic coating.

The L-shaped pool design, which continues along the edges of the house, is assertive with its high waterfall that flows from the building facade to the pool.

In another example of a pool that stands out for its succinct design, thin waterfalls illuminated by blue light pouring into the pool from the top tier give an artistic look to a long, rectangular, ordinary pool.

The above-ground sports pool is made of wood and concrete. The platform placed in the middle of the pool offers a transition and relaxation area between the pool and the whirlpool.

This 8 x 10 meter example of a modern pool is characterized by its triple waterfall and stylish landscaping.

The waterfall design on the wall between the two pools gives the impression of water flowing from the elevated spa to the pool.

Upon entering this lap pool, set in a long and narrow garden, it is possible to jump into the pool through the sliding glass door directly from the house.

In another narrow garden example, a raised wooden deck is designed after the pool. The water that flows into the pool from the blue mosaics to the garden wall allows sunbathing on the terrace accompanied by the sound of the water.

This modern curved shape pool design has a wonderful design that blends the building with the landscape. The rain curtain flowing from the patio roof to the pool creates a relaxed atmosphere.

The waterfall cascading into the mosaic-tiled hot tub and cascading into the pool’s blue waters provides a visual spectacle even when the pool is not in use.

Whether you prefer a natural pool surrounded by rocks or a stylish and modern pool, we recommend working with a reliable pool company. We hope the above Garden pool models and swimming pool exampleshas inspired you for your own pool. For more gardening and landscaping inspiration outside Don’t forget to visit our category! 🙂

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