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Growing edible plants on the balcony – My Home

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You can create your small garden on your balconies. Additionally, you may not need a very large area to make this dream come true.

In general, if you want to grow edible plants from seeds, you should plant them close to the surface in the ground. You should place the seeds evenly spaced, about 0.5-1 cm, close to the surface of the soil and cover them lightly with soil. First, you should slightly moisten the soil before planting the seeds.

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You can buy and plant seedlings or grow seedlings from seeds yourself. First you need an organic pepper seed. If you have a hybrid seed, you will have difficulty harvesting the fruit even if you save the seed for next year. Only seedlings are produced. However, if it is an organic pepper seed, you can separate the seeds and replant them every year. First you need to germinate the seeds.

Germination occurs in mid-spring. April-May in particular are the most ideal times. The seeds are planted in small pots or plastic cups to germinate. It is important that there is more than one air hole at the base. Otherwise, your seeds could rot from too much moisture. First, a certain amount of soil is added and 2 or 3 seeds are planted at a certain distance near the surface and covered with soil. And the soil is moistened.

The most important thing in the germination process is the ambient temperature. Carrying out this process at room temperature will also have a positive effect on the speed of seedling formation. The environment in which germinating peppers are kept should be ventilated regularly and daily. If conditions are right, peppers will begin sprouting within a week. When the pepper seedlings reach a height of about 10 cm, transfer them to new pots.


For tomatoes, you should choose a deep, wide pot with drainage holes. If you use compost and garden soil as soil, you increase the chance of high-yielding fruits. If you want to plant it as a seedling, be sure to plant it at soil level.

Try to use natural fertilizer for fertilization. And help ensure that the roots benefit from fertilizer efficiently by applying fertilizer slowly during the fertilization period. You can use aspirin and eggshells to increase the potency of tomatoes. Aspirin boosts your immune system and eggs help you grow healthily.

Add these materials to the hole opened for planting the seedling or seed and plant it. There can be 6-8 hours of sun during the day. Tomato seeds can be planted in pots and on the balcony as early as the end of March. Plant the seeds in pots with dividers and air holes. Keep the soil constantly moist. When you see the seedlings emerge, move your pot to a sunny location.

3. Parsley

It is very easy to care for. You can easily free up space on your balconies. Distribute the seeds evenly. You can leave a gap of about 3-5 cm.

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Winter care of plants

You should cover it with a finger-thick soil mixture and slightly moisten the soil. You can keep it waiting in a place where it can benefit from morning sun during the day.

The most important thing to pay attention to is not to let the soil dry out completely and to always maintain its moisture.


Choose a large pot. You can re-sprout mint by combining previously purchased mint sprigs with soil. Since it does not like very cold weather conditions, the ideal germination time for seeds is April to May. For care, you can use a soil mixture with humus and loose texture. Since she loves moist soil very much, don’t forget to monitor soil moisture if you want to achieve high productivity!

5. Purslane

You can plant the purslane branches you purchased with soil or observe the tiny black seeds that remain in the purslane water you wash and sprout immediately when you pour them into a pot filled with soil. Since purslane grows by spreading, you should choose a large pot. The bottom of the pot should have numerous air holes. Purslane likes heat and lots of sunlight.

6. Arugula

To grow from seeds, speed up the germination process by soaking the seeds in water the day before. Place the seeds evenly spaced close to the surface in a well-drained, organic soil mix with plenty of humus. Cover it with soil and moisten it with the help of a spray bottle. It is important to maintain soil moisture throughout development. Another important point is not to expose yourself to the burning effects of the sun. Care should be carried out in a corner where it is not exposed to shade or midday sun.

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