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How do I remove a tea stain? (from clothes, carpet, sofa, wall) – My home

How do I remove a tea stain? is one of the most frequently asked questions in our country. As a nation that consumes a lot of tea, we are the people who struggle most with its stains. How does this stain come off the clothes, carpet, wall or sofa?

Tea, one of the most commonly consumed beverages, creates a stubborn stain as soon as it is poured. Not just in clothes; There may be tea stains on the wall, sofa, armchair, carpet and many other areas you can think of. There are different methods to remove tea stains. These methods, which differ depending on the surface, often ensure success in removing tea stains. Here are the methods for removing tea stains from different surfaces.


  • If the tea spilled on your clothes is not yet dry First, place an appropriate amount of paper towel on the tea stain, making sure your clothes soak up the excess tea. At this point, you should only use white paper towels. Otherwise, the color of the colored napkins may smear on your clothes.
  • After absorbing the excess tea from your clothes You should turn your clothes inside out and then rinse the tea stained part with cold water.
  • After performing the above operations You should get a pasty consistency by mixing non-bleach detergent and some cold water. You should spread the resulting pasty mixture on the area with the tea stain.
  • Considering the amount of tea stains at this time, You should wait between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • After the waiting time has expired You should rinse your clothes thoroughly with warm water and wash them in the washing machine.

In addition to the detergent with lemon juice You can remove the tea stain from your clothes. This process You should be careful not to apply it to your light-colored clothing. Otherwise, lemon juice can leave stains on your clothes.

  • First you need to make a mixture by adding the juice of half a lemon to a glass of water.
  • Then you should turn your stained clothes inside out and wash the stained area with cold water.
  • By dipping a clean cloth in the mixture you are preparing, you need to ensure that the cloth absorbs the mixture well.
  • With the cloth soaking up the mixture, you should use a slow rubbing motion over the tea-stained area.
  • You should then wash the garment in the washing machine with a suitable washing program. By following these steps, you can ensure your clothes are completely free of tea stains.

How do I remove tea stains from carpet?

  • As soon as tea is spilled on your carpet, first By pressing a white paper towel over the tea stain, you should ensure that the excess tea is soaked up.
  • Next Dampen a white cloth with cold water, drain the water, and then rub the tea-stained area with tampon movements.
  • If you have not been able to remove the tea stain after performing the above procedures, contact immediately after these procedures. You should dilute a cup of vinegar with half a glass of cold water and dip a clean cloth in the prepared water.
  • You should perform the rubbing process by moving the cloth, dampened with the mixture you prepared, over the tea stain on the carpet with slow buffering movements.
  • After rubbing the tea stain with vinegar water, you should clean a clean cloth again and immerse this cloth in cold, clear water. You should then rub the tea stain again with a clean cloth. This way you can observe that the tea stain is completely removed from the carpet.

How is the tea stain removed from the seat?

  • To remove the tea stain from your sofa, you first need to mix some baking soda and some water into a paste. The amount of water and baking soda you use at this point may vary depending on the size of the tea stain.
  • After wiping the tea stain with a damp cloth, you should then spread the prepared mixture on the stained area.
  • After rubbing the stained area with the mixture you have prepared, you should repeat the rubbing process with a clean cloth dipped in cold water until the mixture you have prepared comes out of the sofa.
  • After performing the above operations, you should wait a certain amount of time for the stained area to dry.

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  • First, to remove the tea stain on the wall in a practical way; You should dilute two tablespoons of starch with an appropriate amount of water.
  • Dampen a clean sponge with the prepared water and rub the tea stain on the wall with the dampened sponge.
  • You can then rub the stain again with clear water to get the tea stain off the wall.

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