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How do you care for a lily flower? Meaning and Cultivation of Lilies – My Home

lily Flower care And what are the tips for growing it? All the details of the lily flower, from watering to propagation Naz Irmak Saf from My Planted House told.


Lilium is a flower from the genus Lilium in the lily family (Liliaceae). There are people who call lilies “lily”.


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The lily flower should be placed in a place where it is not exposed to direct and vertical sunlight. The environment should be bright enough to receive filtered daylight. There is no harm in being in the sun for up to 3 hours a day. As the planted bulb grows, nutritional supplements should be given to the plant at regular intervals. The soil should be changed once a year.

How do you plant a lily flower in a pot?

Lily flower careLily flower care

To plant just one bulb, a pot with 10 cm space around the bulb is sufficient. If more than one bulb is to be planted in a pot, a large pot should be chosen, leaving a distance of one bulb size between them.

The distance to the edge of the pot should also be four fingers. The pot is half filled with soil and then the lily bulb is inserted into the soil with the germinated side up. After planting the bulb, it is covered with soil. The soil should be loose and the bulb should not be covered too tightly. This way the sprouts can easily emerge from the soil.


In addition, the soil should be watered so that it remains constantly moist. Staying moist doesn’t mean watering a lot. The soil should be watered to a certain extent so that it is evenly moist.

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Lilies do not like cold environments. For this reason, the temperature of the environment in which it is viewed should be at least 20 degrees.


Since its roots are tuberous, it is easily propagated by cutting off the roots. Autumn is the ideal time for planting lilies. If you plant a fresh lily bulb during this time, your plant will grow just as healthily.

In fact, it is enough when the season is cool to plant the lily flower. The most important issue to consider here is: is the bulb of the flower. Lily bulbs must be planted immediately and without wasting any time. Because as long as you wait, the onion will begin to suffer damage.

You can preserve lily bulbs in the ground and save them for next year. If you provide the right environmental conditions, it will germinate and start growing again on its own.

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