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How do you clean drain pipes? – My home

How do you clean drain pipes? If you have problems such as clogging or slow drainage in the kitchen or bathroom drain pipe, you should learn how to clean it.


Drains are usually blocked by oil and soap residues that combine with hair and textile residues. If the problem occurs in the sink, sink and shower tray, the problem lies in the trap, which is located directly under the drain strainer or slightly lower.

Many sinks have a control mechanism and a remote strainer behind the faucet. The first step is to disassemble and clean this section of the drain. The remote siphon must be checked regularly.


If the clogging dirt is in an inaccessible place in the pipe, hand pumps can be used.


It’s very easy to use: fill the sink to the top with water and use the pump. Then run plenty of hot water. Cover the overflow hole with a damp cloth before pumping or applying pressure.

Drain cleaning with chemicals

Removers, which are among the most common tools for cleaning drain pipes, are available at hardware stores. However, if used incorrectly, they can also lead to constipation. Effective pipe cleaning products usually contain aggressive additives such as caustic sodium, nitrite or sodium hypochlorite.

May cause burns if in contact with eyes, skin or soft tissue. Substances containing chlorine are particularly harmful to health and the environment. If we inhale the resulting smoke, it can cause lung and tracheal diseases.

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