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How does the ironing stain go? Will the iron stain go away? Practical Advice – My Home

How does the iron stain disappear or does the iron stain disappear? If you are looking for answers to your questions, you will find detailed information in our article.

Clothes that are washed regularly show a wrinkled structure after drying. For a stylish look that is pleasing to the eye, it is important to iron and shape the wrinkled clothes. During the ironing process, high heat or the slightest distraction can cause ironing marks or ironing shine on the clothing. Iron stains can be easily repaired using a variety of methods. By using the above natural methods, you can virtually eliminate iron marks on your clothes.


The natural methods that you can use to remove iron stains on clothes are as follows:

  • Oxygenated water: Oxygenated water is one method of removing iron stains and many other stains. To remove iron stains on clothes, you should pour half a glass of oxygenated water and half a glass of plain water into a suitable bowl. Then you should mix the water put in the bowl well and moisten a clean cloth with it. You can wipe the iron stain area with the damp cloth. Then you should wait half an hour and wash your clothes in the washing machine. This way you can eliminate ironing marks on your clothes.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar is one of the natural methods for removing iron stains. You can dampen the clean cloth with half a glass of water and three tablespoons of vinegar put in a bowl and wipe the iron stains with the damp cloth.
  • Borax: You can mix 1 tablespoon of borax with half a glass of warm water and pour it on the temple mark area. Then you should wait half an hour and wash the place where you poured the borax water with white soap.
  • Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide: Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are one of the most effective methods for removing iron stains. To remove the iron stain, you should put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of ammonia on the iron stain and wait about two hours. The point to pay attention to while performing this operation; is not to let the two objects dry out. Therefore, you should repeat the same process several times during the waiting time. This way you can ensure that the iron stain is removed from the garment.
  • Salted Lemon Juice: Because lemon is an acidic substance, it is one of the most effective methods for removing iron stains. To benefit from the acidity of the lemon, you should put some lemon juice and salt on the iron stain and wait about 20 minutes. After washing the iron stain area with cold water, you can throw your garment in the washing machine and the iron stain will disappear.
  • Potatoes: Potatoes are considered one of the most effective ways to remove iron stains due to the abundance of starch they contain. By rubbing the iron stain with the cut potato, you can make the iron stain disappear in no time.


Iron luster is a problem, especially with delicate clothing. The shine of the iron, which is much easier to repair than an iron stain, ironing cloth can easily be avoided.

molded into your clothes from natural fabrics. to remove iron shine; You can directly immerse in cold water, wash with vinegar, hold steam and scrub with potatoes.

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Artificial fabrics are fabrics that are more suitable for ironing shine. For removing iron shine on garments made from fabrics such as polyester and acrylic. You can use a cloth dampened with hydrogen peroxide water.. You can place a cloth soaked in vinegar on the area where the specular shine will occur and use an iron to apply steam to that area to help the shine penetrate.

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