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How is the balcony net attached? Benefits of Using Balcony Netting – My Home

Living safely is one of the most natural rights of every human being. Safe living is possible by taking certain precautions. By this time, many different products were being made and presented to users. Balcony nets are one of the first products that come to mind when it comes to safe living. Balcony screens are widely used by users living in apartment buildings. The balcony net, which is particularly preferred in households with pets and small children, can be easily attached in just a few simple steps.


You can attach a net to your balcony by following the steps below.;

  • In order to mount the balcony net, holes must first be drilled in the wall. These holes must be carefully drilled. So that the carefully opened balcony holes allow for convenient attachment of the net, at appropriate intervals must be.
  • Then the previously delivered steel dowel stuck in the holes in the wall.
  • Then the dowels are placed in the wall holes Ropes of the balcony net carefully passed.
  • Then to the web Ropes are stretched.
  • After the tensioning process, the balcony net is ready for use.


There are many different benefits to using balcony netting. You too By using balcony nets you can benefit from the following advantages;

  • Although it may seem like a simple precaution, the balcony net is a very useful investment that prevents possible accidents.
  • It seriously prevents the occurrence of many minor and major accidents that are likely to occur in the future.
  • The use of balcony grilles is very important, especially for the residents of rural areas. It prevents bird species such as pigeons and bats from entering your balcony. Indirectly, you can get rid of debris such as feathers and droppings from these animals.
  • It prevents many different types of insects as well as bird species from entering your home from your balcony. It keeps away the species of flies that cause major sleep problems, especially at night.
  • Balcony nets used to be made from natural materials such as plant fibers, tree bark, flower pots, leaf roots, but it can be seen that balcony fibers made in the modern world are made from materials such as man-made polyamide and nylon. Therefore it is safer.
  • Balcony nets are quite durable. Balcony nets, which have a service life of around 10 years, offer long-term comfort.
  • Balcony nets, which can be mounted on stairs and window systems, are also ideal for protecting family members. The use of balcony nets is essential, especially for parents with small children. It fully protects young children from possible accidents.
  • You can also use a balcony net to protect your valuables stored at home and prevent possible negative situations.
  • Especially in summer it is very nice to spend time on the balcony. However, due to PVC glass coatings and closed balconies, there may be times when the balcony cannot be enjoyed. At this point, you can make yourself comfortable by installing a balcony net on your balcony. Thanks to the balcony net, you will also get rid of damage caused by pigeon and bird spores.
  • Balcony net is also very important for the health and safety of our silent friends at home. It is especially ideal for users who keep active animals such as cats and dogs at home. In addition to cats and dogs, users who keep bird species at home can also use the balcony net without any problems.

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The points to pay attention to when choosing a balcony net are as follows:

  • The thickness of the rope in the balcony net should be at least 4mm.
  • In order to ensure a high level of safety, the distance between the balcony nets should be at least 4 and at most 10 cm.
  • The materials used in the manufacture of the balcony net must be healthy and durable.
  • Balcony fabric types with UV protection are to be preferred.

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