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How should Scindapsus ivy care be done? (House Ivy) – My home

Care for Scindapsus Ivy Do you know the details about this? Scindapsus ivy is also known as house ivy in our country. Because of the beauty of its leaves Moonlight vine The name can also be used. Scindapsus ivy (Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight) Naz Irmak Saf from My Plantli Evim explained the care details.

The Scindapsustreubii vine is one of the must-have plants for you as a plant collector. It is a beautiful plant native to the Asian continent. Scindapsus treubii is a plant that, like Philodendron and Syngonium, falls into the Araceae category. easy to maintain It is a long-lived plant species that does not require much attention to develop. In order How should Scindapsus ivy care be done?


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Scindapsus ivy loves shady areas. When exposed to the sun at a right angle, it looks pale.

Try to maintain a moist environment to avoid leaf edges drying out. Squeeze the leaves with distilled water from time to time.

Scindapsus treubii is not a very picky plant when it comes to soil. A regular garden soil mix can be used. However, if you want well-drained and moist soil, you can add some perlite to the mix.

Scindapsus treubii should be in a mix that is permeable and granular, with irrigation water draining quickly from under the pot. To avoid waterlogging and root rot, it is always best to use a soil mix with good drainage. If you want to make your own soil mix, you can mix one part garden soil, one part orchid bark, and one part perlite.

Scindapsus treubii, It loves bright indirect light. This means you should place it in front of an east-facing window. Or the care should be further away from a south-facing window.

When he was little They tolerate direct light. However, they start to grow very slowly and their colors start to fade when placed in a dark place.


Scindapsus treubii before watering You should allow the floor to dry completely.

As with many plants with fleshy leaves does not need to be watered constantly and a little carelessness in watering doesn't bother him. When it is thirsty, it will show you this by curling its leaves. When the leaves are saturated with water, they return to their living state. However, don't always wait for this sign. Because this will stress your plant. Establish a watering period by controlling soil moisture.

Because it is a tropical plantFor best results, pour it with distilled water or bottled drinking water. Tap water is very hard and can cause mineral deposits on your leaves.

Always adjust your watering schedule based on the amount of light your plant receives.

If your Scindapsus treubii is located next to a south-facing window, it will likely need watering more frequently than the same plant located in a northeast-facing window.

The same applies to temperature, as water evaporates more quickly in hot weather and the soil dries out more quickly.


An interesting feature of Scindapsis Treuebii is that it tolerates cold environments quite well. It can also keep near a window in winter. However, do not expose it to sub-zero temperatures to avoid the risk of frostbite.


Sometimes it blooms in its natural environment, that is, in nature. However, this is very rarely observed. It usually blooms in October.

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Since these plants typically grow in peat swamp forests, they also grow well in peat moss, according to an article by Wong Sin Yeng published on Researchgate.


It's easy to reproduce. When the season begins in spring, you can take cuttings from the branch and let them quickly root in water. Depending on the climatic conditions, root formation begins within 4 to 6 weeks.


It has dense, thick and robust leaves that are silvery-green in color (or black if you choose the dark variety Scindapsus treubii).

It evolves by moving on the ground until it finds a tree to climb. Then it reaches its full growth potential and the leaves become longer, thinner and darker.

Because Scindapsustreubii is a rare plant, it is unlikely to be found in most nurseries and garden centers. Since it is a special species, it is a bit difficult to find.

Scindapsus treubii is one of those plants that costs more than a regular houseplant. However, if it becomes popular, the price may vary as it appears for sale more often in the market.

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