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How should the care of peace flowers be? Properties of the spaghetti (Spatiphyllium) – My home

How do you care for a peace flower? The Peace Flower is also known by the names Spatiphyllium and Sailflower. The special thing about the flower of peace is that it constantly blooms white flowers that are reminiscent of lilies. We’ll tell you about care, watering, repotting and what you need to look out for with the peace flower, which is one of the indoor flowers.

So how should the flower of peace be watered? What are its characteristics? Here are the answers…

  • Floor: They prefer fibrous and sandy soils.
  • Light: It likes shaded and partially shaded areas. Does not like direct sunlight.
  • Heat: During the development period, it needs an average temperature of 18-20 degrees. In winter, a temperature of 15 degrees is sufficient.
  • The: The soil should be kept moist in winter and watered with lime-free and warm water. It needs plenty of water in spring and summer, but be careful not to water the soil too much.

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The peace flower (Spatiphyllium) occurs in several genera. For example just one or two flower There are varieties that bloom, there are varieties that bloom a lot…


In order to care for the peace flower, it is necessary to first look at its leaves. Yellowed leaves should be cut off close to the root.

Drying up of the spitflower leaves does not mean that your flower is dead. As the bud develops, some of its leaves may dry out. It doesn’t matter if a leaf or two dries up. If more than one of the 7-8 leaves on the flower starts to rot at once, then there is a problem with the plant.

Peace Flower, Spatiphyllium, Sail Flower

The sail flower (SpathIphyllum) has an elegant appearance with its white flowers. If it stays too cold and too hot, the leaves, flowers and roots of the flower will be damaged. You should water until the soil stays moist, making sure the water reaches all parts of the soil. The plant normally blooms in summer and enters a dormant phase, shedding its flowers towards winter. Cut off yellowed or rotten leaves with scissors.


Peace Flower, Sail Flower

As with other plants, once or twice a year the sailflower should be placed in a pot two fingers wider than the previous pot and supported with soil all around. spade flowerWhat else can you look at?


Peace Flower Care Spathiphyllum

Typically, repotting occurs in mid-spring or late August, before the weather turns cold and extremely hot. Peace flowers can also be repotted in spring. But he doesn’t like it when the pots are constantly changed. The plant can become embittered by the change of location and needs time to recover. Therefore, it can be done every two years.


spat floweri love water The healthiest water control is to control the humidity level of our plant by sticking your finger in the soil before watering. If it is damp, no water should be given.

Peace Flower Sail Flower Care

How does a wild flower of peace grow?

If you forget to water for a long time, you can see that the leaves are shedding. In this case, do not throw away the Peace Flower you found. Gather the leaves together and temporarily tie them with string or a sash. Soak in water for half an hour.

In this way, the soil absorbs the water and gradually releases it to the peace flower, which you keep tied for a day. You will see that the leaves return to their original shape. The sail flower is not a flower that dies easily.

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If you wish, you can add vitamins to the leaves of the spathiphyllium flower and remove the leaves. If you feel like the sail flower, you can also take a shower.

peace flower


As the Peace Flower grows, it inclines its leaves according to the sun. To avoid this and to ensure that it stands evenly in all directions, you need to turn the flower once a week. This way you can make sure it grows proportionally.

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