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How to care for a cat’s claw plant and how to propagate it? – My home

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cat nail plant in other words silk flower It is a species of Portulaca grandiflora from the purslane family (Portulacaceae). It is a drought tolerant plant that blooms with colorful flowers.

The cat’s nail plant does not like being over-watered

Likes lots of sun. In the months of June to September it does not miss its flowers. It’s a plant that doesn’t like being watered too much. As for soil, it dislikes soil that will retain water in its body and become muddy. It grows better on slightly sandy and less fertile soils.


If you want to care for the silk flower, which does not require special care, as long as you pay attention to water, soil and sun when caring for cat nail plants, be sure to place it in a place where it is saturated with the sun.

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Cat’s Claw is propagated by seeds and cuttings. As the flowers wither, they develop pointed seed pods. It forms very small seeds in the capsules. The seedThe sprouts spread spontaneously and germinate again the following year.

hill steelWhen the silk flower grown from seed shows its first development in spring, cut off 4-5 cm from the top of its branches at least 10 cm long, plant them directly in the ground and let them sprout.

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