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How to care for cyclamen flowers? Characteristics of Cyclamen – My Home

We explain how to care for cyclamen flowers and the points to consider. Another name for the cyclamen flower is “Bunny ears” Is. It belongs to the Primulaceae family. With its fuchsia, white, purple, red and cream flowers, it is breathtakingly beautiful.

His neck was initially bent. As if he had fallen asleep. But you should see it when you open it. “I’m here,” he says in a full voice. It looks delicate but is strong Cyclamen. With its beautiful colors it warms up the cold winter days. Especially when they come together, you see them… It's as if they are always singing in unison… Let's get to know the beautiful cyclamen that is called Cyclamen persicum…

How to care for cyclamen flowers?

  • It likes lime-free, acidic and moist soils.
  • A temperature between 15 and 20 °C is required during the development period. Although development accelerates at higher temperatures, flowering decreases. That's why cool environments are suitable for him.
  • The time when it needs the most moisture is the flowering period. When first planted, tubers don't need as much moisture.
  • During the flowering period, cultivation should take place in bright and partially shaded locations. This means we have a flowering-promoting effect.
  • Direct sunlight damages leaves and flowers.
  • After the flowering period from April to September, it should be kept in shady places.
  • Water every 2-3 days in autumn and winter with lime-free, aged water. When watering, be careful not to get it on the leaves. Reduce the watering rate after the flowering period is over. It is enough to feel the moisture of the soil. Also, make sure that water does not collect at the bottom of the pot.
  • When the leaves fade, tear them off from the base.

Cyclamen flowers should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It can trend in the direction it receives sunlight. The side that does not receive daylight should be exposed to daylight at regular intervals. This can prevent flowering from trending in one direction.

A situation that applies to most plants also applies to cyclamen. Since it cannot be adequately nourished in low light, Wilting and darkening of flowers it happens.

When does cyclamen bloom?

Cyclamen blooms in autumn-winter. It can be placed in the garden in front of windows or in flower beds in October. Flowering lasts until May.

Cyclamen flower care


It is a very beautiful flower with its flowers in pink, purple, red and white. Cyclamens, which prefer shady places, are grown from seeds or tubers.

Why do cyclamen leaves turn yellow?

The cyclamen, which loves cool weather, gradually begins to turn its leaves yellow during the summer months. Of course we start to worry: “I wonder if my plant is dying?” proverb. First, place the cyclamen you are caring for outside in a cool and bright place where it will feel comfortable in the summer months. For this purpose you can choose the kitchen as it is the most humid and airy part of our house. We can say that it is the ideal place for plants, especially in winter.

Why does cyclamen fade?

In the summer heat, the plant immediately shows that it is overwhelmed. Its flowers fade, its leaves droop and begin to turn yellow. First, cool the plant immediately under running water. And continue to keep it at home in a shady, well-lit place.

Remove yellowed leaves. The same applies to dry branches. And then experience the sight that will make you happy. Even if it is really oppressively hot where you live, don't forget to cool the plant leaves with a water sprayer as often as possible.


How can you promote cyclamen?

Cyclamen flowers are propagated in three ways. Propagation is possible through seeds, leaf cuttings or tuberous roots. Sowing can be done at the end of summer. Although propagation from leaves is difficult, a leaf taken near the tuber can take root in water. Here too, the tuber is divided into several pieces and propagated. This process is also difficult and risky.

Unfortunately, the plant becomes susceptible to disease in windy and hot environments. Therefore, the choice of environment is very important when caring for it.

  • Cyclamen can be propagated by seeds and tubers. Sow the seeds to a depth of 10 millimeters. Leave a distance of 10 centimeters between them.
  • You can also invite this beautiful flower into your garden or pots by planting its bulbs in the ground.
  • In late June and early July, remove the tubers and clean them of dead roots. Then plant it in a large pot. After planting, place in a partially shaded, cool place and water sparingly.
  • Increase the amount of water as new shoots appear.
Cyclamen careCyclamen care

Repotting can be done in spring

The cyclamen flower is resting. In other words: the sleep phase begins. During this time you should not water the plant too much. Interventions such as moving, soil or pot changes should not be carried out. Spring is suitable for repotting.

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One of the most important points in caring for cyclamen flowers is watering. It loves water, especially when it is blooming, but be careful not to get water on the plant's leaves. After watering, make sure there is no water left at the bottom of the pot.

The cyclamen flowers should be watered from the top of the pot twice a week in summer and once a week in winter. In summer, irrigation technique can be preferred two days a week, Mondays and Thursdays. In winter, Monday can be preferred so as not to neglect the irrigation technique. The scale of the water container used when watering should always be the same, and if the water spilled on the flower remains at the bottom of the pot, it should be poured out. In this way, the formation of odors, flies and pests in the soil of the plant is prevented.

The basic rule of watering is to give water as the plant's soil dries. To understand whether the soil is dry or wet, we can tell whether it is dry or wet by dipping our finger into the soil. Or you can check the wetness with a wooden stick. If the soil is wet, you can postpone watering until the next day because our plant has not yet completely watered the soil.

How should soil selection be done?

You can choose humus, organic, coarse sand or pumice soil as soil. It feels comfortable in lime-free and acidic soils. Supplement with liquid flower fertilizer every 15 days during flowering.

Caring for cyclamen flowersCaring for cyclamen flowers


  • It belongs to the Primulaceae family.
  • It is a Mediterranean plant.
  • It is a perennial tuberous plant.
  • It is also known by names such as rabbit ear, pork bread, pork apple. Because the tubers that remain in the ground are eaten by wild boars.
  • Its length is between 5 and 20 centimeters.
  • Its leaves have long stems, are large and heart-shaped.
  • There are usually white spots around the veins of the leaves.
  • It blooms in autumn-winter. It presents its beautiful flowers until May. It rests in summer.
  • Its flowers are very striking with their pink, red, purple, white and yellow colors.
  • Pests usually include white nematodes and red spiders.

Cyclamen warms our hearts with their colorful flowers. It made our pots happy. Check out our other flower care articles at “FLOWER CARE AND FLOWER PROPERTIESYou can access it on our site.

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