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How to decorate a small living room?

Do you have a small living room? Rest assured, you are not alone… Nowadays, due to changing living habits, the square meters are becoming smaller and smaller. Unfortunately, especially in most new apartments, there is not enough space for the living room. We are often expected to settle into cramped spaces with minimal furniture. However, the place where we need the most space is our living room, where we spend most of our time at home and share it with our family and loved ones. In order, How to decorate a small living room Do you know?

If you are renovating your home from the ground up, you can have a larger and more useful living room through various renovations. However, you can also adapt your living room to your needs through quicker, cheaper and easier changes. In this article, we have shared easy-to-implement and creative living room decorating ideas that will make your living room seem larger than it is. Have fun while reading… 🙂

1. Ensure the integrity of the floor material

The floor is one of the most visible and impactful parts of the living room. If your house is small, consider using a single floor covering such as wood or carpet on the floor of the living room and adjacent rooms to make the room appear larger and provide visual flow. If you have an open living room (with an open kitchen), you should also avoid disrupting the visual flow by using contrasting floor coverings on the living room and kitchen floor.

Another suggestion we have regarding the floor is to choose sofas and cabinets with high legs in your living room. This way your furniture won’t create a wall effect. Since the material of the floor continues under the furniture, a more spacious feeling is created in your living room.

2. Create the perception of high ceilings

Suggestions to Make Your Living Room Appear Larger - Decorating Suggestions to Make Your Living Room Appear Larger - Perception of High Ceilings

Where the walls meet the floor visually determines the size of the room. You cannot move your walls without a contractor. However, by using decorative elements in your living room, you can emphasize the height of the walls so that they draw the eye upwards. Remember, done right small living room decoration It should contain some visual tricks.

For example; With wallpaper that creates a sense of depth, floor-length curtains, wall accessories, or floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, you can draw the eye upwards and create the impression of a spacious living room.

3. Regulate blood circulation

Suggestions to Make Your Living Room Appear Larger - Decorating Suggestions to Make Your Living Room Appear Larger - Designing Circulation

Being able to move without interruption is the most important sign of the size of the room. So, arrange your furniture so that people can easily move from one area to another. Plan a person’s entry into the room and their alternative paths of movement. Decide in advance how you will reach the living area and the dining table, then arrange your furniture. This means people can move around the room easily and without obstacles. Also make sure you leave enough space to do things like open and close windows and reach electrical outlets.

4. Choose a focus point

Suggestions to Make Your Living Room Appear Larger - Decorating Suggestions to Make Your Living Room Appear Larger - Determine a Focal Point

Designate a focal point or accent area to distract people from the size of your living room. This can be anything from a creative wall mural to a large chandelier or a statement piece of furniture that contrasts with other furniture.

small living room decoration Another option is to add a contrasting accessory to your living room. Find an item that is stylistically different from your overall decoration. For example, if your living room has a traditional vibe, try adding a modern piece of art or an avant-garde accessory. If you’re using minimalist and modern furniture, choose a traditional piece like an antique coffee table as the focal point.

5. Use mirrors to reflect light

Suggestions to Make Your Living Room Appear Larger - Decorating Suggestions to Make Your Living Room Appear Larger - Using Mirrors

The most well-known and widely used method of making small rooms appear larger than they are is with mirrors. small living room decoration You can also use this classic method for: Mirrors visually push away walls and reflect light, making the room appear larger than it is. mirrors that reflect your favorite areas in your living room; Use it in front of the most beautiful decorations in the living room, such as flowers, opulent curtains or windows with a beautiful view. However, avoid using mirrors that are over the top and don’t reflect your style. Alternatively, you can use a large framed mirror on the floor or several smaller mirrors grouped together on the wall.

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