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How to germinate beans at home? – My home

How to germinate beans at home? Bean germination at home allows you to monitor the stages of development of the plant. Also, it’s very easy to do. Here are the necessary materials for bean germination at home and what to do step by step…


  • a handful of cotton
  • Glass or plastic bowl
  • 5-6 dried beans


Divide a handful of cotton balls in half in a glass bowl, or in a horizontal plastic bowl if a glass bowl isn’t available, and spread half well.

Lay the beans side by side on the cotton ball.

Close the second piece of cotton over the beans. Don’t press too hard so the beans can breathe.

Moisten it thoroughly. Cotton should never be dry, remember to water when drying.

Place the bowl in a well-lit area and water while it dries.

In the bean experiment, the beans first take root, then split open in the middle and sprout.

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How to germinate beans at home

Planting bean seeds at intervals or over several days gives ALL students a chance to observe the life cycle of a bean plant, the effects of environmental conditions on a plant, and the similarities and differences between plants of the same species. Even if plants grow on the same day, at the same time, and with the same variables, not all will grow at the same rate or well (in terms of height, number of leaves, flowering, and fruiting). Natural changes in growth provide opportunities for evidence-based observation and discussion.

  • Remind students not to put any material in their nose, ears, or mouth.
  • Keep hands away from face until hands are washed.
  • Safety goggles can be used to avoid accidental eye injuries.

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