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How to grow and care for avocados at home – My Home

Growing avocados at home has become very popular recently. How are avocados grown? My Planted House’s Naz Irmak Saf explained the care and details.

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Home It is possible to get avocado seeds to germinate again. The ideal time of year to germinate avocado seeds again is spring.

To grow avocados healthily from seed, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First you need to choose a ripe avocado. When you touch the avocado, you should feel it soften slightly.

After choosing the fruit, carefully cut it in half with a knife. And carefully remove the pit from the center of the fruit. Wash the core under water and dry thoroughly. After the core has dried, try peeling the brown, thin membrane from its outer surface. Carefully peel off the membrane without damaging the core surface.

Wrap the core with a damp napkin. Place the damp napkin in a clear ziplock bag. Put the bag in a not very bright place and do not open the bag at all for about two weeks.

After two weeks have elapsed, check both for cracks in the core and check whether the moisture in the napkin has decreased to moisten it. If the core is not cracked, continue to care for it in this manner. But when the core is cracked, it’s time to put it in the water.


Growing avocados at home

The pointed part of the avocado seed stays above the water. The flat, bulging part, i.e. the cracked part, is the part that stays in the water, i.e. the part that gets rooted. Three toothpicks are inserted into the core. However, toothpicks should not be near the cracked area and should not be inserted too deeply. Otherwise, your plant could be damaged before it can take root.

After inserting the toothpick, the core is placed in a vessel or glass filled with water so that the cracked part comes into contact with the water. In this way, thanks to toothpicks, we will ensure that the lower part of the core remains in the water and the upper part is above the water. The upper part of the plant should also be moistened from time to time. When the water level drops, water should be refilled. It shouldn’t be neglected.

Growing an avocado at home: rooting steps in a jar

Put your jar or jar in a bright place out of direct sunlight. It can take up to 3-6 weeks for the seed to germinate. If your seed doesn’t germinate within 8 weeks, you can try the same process again with a new seed. These times may vary depending on maintenance and environmental conditions. The sprout from the part of the seed that is above water and the roots from the part that is in water begin to grow. When you reach this stage, our work will be much easier.

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When the stem of the plant is 12-15 cm long, cut it off leaving 8 cm on the stem. This will give you a stronger and thicker body.

As the avocado grows new leaves and the roots thicken and develop, you can plant your avocado in a pot about 4 inches in diameter. Make sure that half of the seed stays above the ground. Make sure the soil stays moist all the time. Make sure the soil is well drained, filtered, rich in humus and rich in organic matter.


Planting avocados at home

Avocado plants love warm and sunny environments. But like most plants, she doesn’t like direct sun. Therefore, you should take care to choose the right environment for avocados. The avocado plant is also a water-loving plant. For this reason, the soil should not become too dry and care should be taken to keep it regularly moist. However, damp does not mean that the soil is constantly wet. If you want your avocado to grow stronger and produce new shoots, cut back to 15cm when the stalk reaches 30cm.

If the avocado leaves start to turn yellow, it’s a sign that you’re watering too much. If this happens, stop watering and wait for the soil to dry. If the leaves are turning brown, it may mean that too much salt has built up in the soil of your plant. In this case, water your plant well and clean the bottom of your plant from excess salt by draining the excess water. Or do a floor change.

Avocados are warm climate plants and also love moisture. After your avocado has developed, you need to seed it before it can fruit. Although it is difficult to find cuttings for grafting, it is possible to care for the plant without grafting, but without fruit. It can take 5 to 13 years to bear fruit after grafting.

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