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How to install the kitchen pipe under the sink? – My home

In one of the DIY projects, the installation of the kitchen under-sink pipe is done in a few steps in no time. To replace the sink drain in your kitchen, you must first remove your current drain and then follow these steps:


  • Before replacing the pipe under the kitchen sink, you must first place a large container under the sink. A bucket with a capacity of about 150 ml will help here. If you do not use a container, negative situations can arise.
  • Then you will have to unscrew the two different nuts located at the bottom of the drain and behind the piece next to the wall. You must disconnect the P-siphon pipe from the plumbing after loosening these nuts designed to screw and unscrew.
  • The curved section at the base of your sink’s plumbing is the siphon. If you are having trouble moving the nuts at this point, you can use slotted pliers.
  • After performing the above operations, you need to unscrew the metal nut at the bottom of the channel. You can use pliers to remove the nuts.
  • Then you should slide the rubber gasket around the drain pipe and remove it. To remove the gasket between the bottom of the sink and the nut holding the drain, you need to hold the edge and pull it down the drain pipe. At this point you can use pliers to get a better grip.
  • Then you need to remove the drain at the top of the sink. You should slide the exposed waist hose up or remove the old drain.
  • You should strip a plumber’s putty and wrap it outside of the drain hole.
  • Then you need to make sure the new drain is securely attached. You will need to lower the waist tube of the part into the drain hole until it bottoms against the circle of plumber’s putty. Then you should press the flange flat into the putty until it stops moving. At this point you can scrape off any excess putty from the edge of the flange.
  • After performing the operations mentioned, you need to reassemble the other plumbing components. After installing the new drain, you can close the connection by sliding the rubber grommet over the waist tube. You can then move the metal fastening nut and tighten it with pliers. After reinstalling the P-trap under the hip tube, you must re-tighten the two nuts. After installing the new drain, you can use your sink straight away. There is no situation where you have to wait.
  • You should avoid over-tightening the water fittings. Otherwise, there may be cracks in the plumbing connections.


You can follow these steps to install the kitchen faucet suitable for your kitchen sink;

  • Before installing the kitchen faucet, you should close the valves and then open the faucet and drain the remaining water.
  • Then you need to unscrew the screws under the counter. If you use a wall battery, you can loosen the screws with pliers.
  • After completing the above operations, you should slowly pull the kitchen faucet towards you. Then you need to disconnect the water pipe and the battery with the help of pliers.
  • You should reconnect the hoses to the kitchen faucet and carefully fasten them with screws.
  • After following the steps mentioned, you can control your kitchen faucet by opening the water valve.

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The kitchen faucet to be used in the kitchen must have some features. By paying attention to these features, you can easily choose the type of kitchen mixer that suits your needs. When choosing a kitchen faucet, there are a few things to consider:

  • The kitchen faucet should be compatible with your kitchen sink.
  • When choosing the battery, you should consider the location where the battery will be mounted.
  • You should opt for a functional and functional kitchen faucet and pay attention to its ease of use in the kitchen.
  • You can give your kitchen a beautiful look by choosing a kitchen faucet that harmonises with the decoration of your kitchen.

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