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Ideal living room layout and furniture dimensions • DeCombo

The placement of furniture is the most important issue of decoration. It is especially important for those who have a small living room. Ideal living room layout and furniture dimensions in our article; You will find answers to questions such as ‘how to arrange living room furniture’, ‘what are the ideal living room and living room dimensions’, ‘what should be the living room furniture dimensions’.

The biggest mistake made when it comes to interior design is to choose the furniture first and then try to place it. And as a result, a lot of disjointed furniture seems to be stacked in the living room. How true is the saying “Measure twice, cut for one”. As our ancestors used to say, it’s best to do the math from the start rather than get frustrated with it later.

What you should consider when decorating ideal living room layout and furniture dimensions Thanks to; You can set up a useful living space in which you can move freely. But don’t forget that; You can’t have an original and interesting place without taking risks. As the famous painter Pablo Picasso said:

Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.

Dimensions of the coffee table in the living room

How high should the center table be?

The table heights are very different. However, for easy access, the height of the table top should be roughly the same as the seat height of the sofa (10 cm above and below the seat cushion level) should be

What should be the distance between the center table and the armchair?

The general rule of thumb is to pull the coffee table away from the sofa. 35 to 45cm to put in between. This display is close enough to reach a magazine, but with enough clearance for legroom.

How should the center table and sofa dimensions be in relation to each other?

Optically center table dimensions Between half and 2/3 of the seat should be. You don’t have to measure it, but if you’re buying a coffee table it’s a good idea to have it a little over half the width of your sofa.

Side table dimensions

Living room furniture layout guide with dimensions - living room furniture layout - end table layout

How far should the side tables be from the seat?

Side tables can be closer to the sofa or armchair than the center table. The ideal size here is the side table. close enough to have a drink that is. Sit on the couch and imagine trying to get your coffee or magazine. Then place your stand.

How high should the side table be?

Side tables serve them should not be higher than the armrest height of the seat and lower than the height of the seat cushionIs. maximum height 8 cm shorter than armrest heightIs. Side table height for armchairs and chairs without armrests no more than 20 cm above the pillow height should be.

Dimensions of console and chest of drawers

Living room furniture placement guide with dimensions – Living room furniture placement – ​​Sofa back placement Dresuar

What should be the height and width of the backrest console?

The height of the sofa back tables, i.e. the dressers behind the sofa, should not be higher than the backrest of the seatIs. If their width Between half and almost the entire length of the seat it could be. But from both ends of the console width, the seat width at least 15 cm further inside you should pay attention to that.

Living room seating plan

Living room furniture placement guide with dimensions - living room furniture placement - distance between seats

How much distance should there be between the seats?

To create a friendly communication area between people seated in the living room. And Space between seating areas to allow everyone to maintain their personal space maximum 300 cm and minimum 90 cm should be. Of course, this rule does not apply to people sharing the same seat.

How long should the transition distance between furniture be?

In order not to have the feeling of moving forward in a crowded cinema hall, you should pay attention to the transition distances. For approx. Width up to 75cm-150cm One pass is enough.

Dimensions of the living room carpet

Living room furniture placement guide with dimensions - living room furniture layout - rug size

How to calculate the dimensions of the living room carpet?

First of all, carpets never lie against the wall. Should not be closer than 15 cmIs. The best distance to leave; for carpet in a large room 35 cm from the wallfor carpet in a small room 30cm-45cm away from the wall between. In addition, the carpets in the living room should be wide enough to get under your feet when sitting on the sofa or sofa. For more information:

TV dimensions

Living room furniture layout guide with dimensions - living room furniture layout - tv layout

How tall should the TV be?

To minimize reflections and provide a comfortable viewing angle, people sitting on the sofa should aim the TV slightly downwards. The optimal height for the center of the screen, 75 cm above the cushion height of the lowest seat in the room should be. If your TV cannot be wall mounted, make sure you choose a TV console of the appropriate height. Note that you can also adjust the height of the TV stand.

How far should the distance between the TV and the sofa be?

This distance is highly dependent on the size and quality of your TV, as well as your personal preference for how close you sit to the screen. Ideally, however, the approximate distance between the TV and the viewer’s average position 1.5 times the diagonal of the screen So much. The “average viewer position” here can be the average distance of all seats in the room measured against the TV wall. However, you can also measure from the seat you prefer to watch TV on.

Living room table layout

Living room furniture layout guide with dimensions - living room furniture layout - table layout

How high should the tables be on the wall?

Tables or accessories to be hung on the wall are usually their focal points approx. 145 cm above the floor, i.e. at eye level of a standing person should be placed. Alternatively, in a room where time is normally spent seated, at eye level of a seated person, i.e. 30 cm above seat height You can also hang your table. In both cases between the edges of the pieces you are hanging and the edges of the ceiling, floor and walls. Minimum distance of 15 cm to 30 cm You have to be careful when leaving.

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