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Ideas and examples for country house decoration 2024 • DeCombo

Ideas for decorating your country house and application guide: What is country style?? Rural living room decoration how it goes? Country style furniture and accessory selection...

Country styleis a timeless furnishing style that combines the sophisticated simplicity of a rustic country house and the sophisticated luxury of a farmhouse. It features a timeless aesthetic and casual elegance that adapts to the needs and lifestyles of the modern world while rediscovering the past. Country style furniture Thanks to the worldwide popularity and easy availability of accessories, it’s easy to reflect this style in your home, no matter where you live. Besides that Country house style interior design ideas It usually includes economical solutions.

RusticMore stylish than Classicmore modest than Country style decoration Are you ready to discover your style? At work, Ideas for decorating your country house and application guide…

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What is country style?

Meaning “belonging to the country or village” country Word; Nowadays it is used to express a specific style in various fields such as architecture, fashion, music and decoration. Primarily House decoration used for Country styleIt emerged in the early 1990s when the decorating approach of rural England, America and France was transferred to furniture designs.

Country house decorationrefers to an interior design style that resembles a country house or farmhouse. Due to people’s desire to live more simply, this decoration style has become very popular all over the world. Since it is a country style, it is inspired by the colors and materials that nature offers. Green, blue, floral and animal patterns, organic materials such as wood and stone and plants combine to create a natural aesthetic. country decoration, modern decoration In contrast to its style, it appears comfortable, warm and inviting.

Country house style decoration ideas

Country house style furniture: elegant, simple and comfortable!

Country style furniture The designs have elegant and simple lines. In addition, old furniture painted in this style is often shown. For this reason, old and worn furniture is more suitable for this interior style than new and shiny furniture. For example, you can reupholster an old sofa or buy old furniture from an antique store.

Using solid wood in furniture is a must. In addition to wood, details made of wrought iron or rusted metal also belong to this shabby chic style.

Country style furniture Another outstanding feature of their designs is comfort. Elegance and comfort should be combined in this style of furniture. Sofas and chairs generally have a wooden frame and linen upholstery. An example of this style can be called “Louis XVI chairs” with elegant lines and solid wooden structure.

Chair model Louis XVI

Mix old and new when it comes to accessories

This decoration style has a wide range of accessories that combine old and new. Rustic and elegant vintage and antique objects such as wall clocks, chandeliers, blue and white porcelain plates and mirrors stand out, along with woven baskets, colorful ceramics and glass vases, creating a warm and inviting interior. Country house accessories between.

We should not forget to complement all this with lots of hand-carved wooden accessories and live plants. The aim is to bring the wonderful colors and textures of nature into your home. In baskets, an old jug, a copper pot or transparent glass vases, you can display lush green plants and colorful flowers in every corner of your home! (Lavender is very popular for this style.) 😉

Add colors from nature

a typical one Country house decoration Pieces with contrasting textures and colors are used together. For example, white plastered walls and ceilings can be emphasized with dark solid wood beams. In addition, a colorful carpet can be placed in front of a sofa set covered in light linen. Shiny black and matte gray tones emphasize vibrant colors and highlight accessories.

Natural tones mixed with colors from nature Country style decoration The most commonly used colors for:

  • Yellow and gentle gold color
  • Red and rust color
  • Grass green and dark green
  • Cobalt blue and soft sea tones

Unprocessed natural materials

We came Ideas for decorating your country house To the most important point among them! Each decorative element should be made of natural and unprocessed materials. For example; Prominent materials in this style include rough-painted plaster walls, solid wood beam ceilings, hand-carved wood details, linen floors, and hand-knitted upholstery. Wooden floors or natural stone floors are covered with wool or cotton carpets.

in decoration Country style The most effective way to create a beautiful appearance is with stone and brick walls. You can double the rustic vibe in your home by using wooden sliding barn doors to separate rooms or as closet doors. Additionally, wicker baskets provide great storage options, and linen upholstery and rugs made from organic materials help maintain the natural theme.

are alone Country house decoration, wouldn’t be complete without a fireplace. Fireplaces are usually lined with stone or brick. Wildflowers hang around him in vases, copper pots and iron accessories.

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PatternAdd character with

Country-inspired floral motifs and traditional patterns meet modern checks and stripes in this style! Country style house In decoration, various patterns are used together for home textiles such as sofa covers, curtains, throw pillows and tablecloths. Most patterns are printed on linen or cotton. primary colors in patterns (red, blue and yellow); Paired with green, purple and orange. Depending on the season, new colors and patterns can be added or removed.

Cotton, plain and printed “Toile de Jouy” fabrics first made in France and used primarily for upholstery and curtains. country decorationIt is often used in n-style. These substances; It features various patterns depicting farm animals, monkeys, Chinese patterns, idyllic landscape scenes, 18th century courtship scenes and hunting scenes.

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Examples of country house decorations

Country house living room decoration

Rural living room decoration, has a casual elegance that honors the future while reinventing the past. This style, in addition to rustic accessories and raw, rough finishes; It requires using the most comfortable looking sofas possible and a soft color palette.

The windows are not covered with heavy curtains like you might see in traditionally styled living rooms. For example, you can use lace curtains that do not block the sun from entering while providing privacy. Ideas for decorating your country house between; You can see unpainted wooden surfaces, wrought iron details, patterned cushions and lots of vintage accessories.

Country kitchen decoration

Country kitchen decoration The first thing that comes to mind are the copper pans and other kitchen utensils hanging on the walls and displayed on the shelves. If this seems a bit messy or awkward, you can at least add a wooden shelf to your kitchen where you can display a few decorative items. For a more rustic effect, try placing jars with handwritten labels on the shelf.

A classic chandelier, a wooden kitchen island, colorful ceramic plates, wall-hung copper pots and pans, wrought iron accessories, wicker baskets and fresh herbs Country style kitchen are other details that stand out in their designs.

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Dining room decoration

traditional Rural dining room decoration You can use a white antique dining table and elegant Louis XVI chairs. Wrought iron tables are ideal for open areas of your home such as gardens and porches. You can repaint your old wooden table if you have one or buy a solid wood dining table. As long as it doesn’t look too shiny and new. 🙂

One of the places where this style is most evident is in the dining table decoration. Toile de Jouy fabrics, a floral tablecloth or a non-iron linen cover are the easiest ways to give your home a rustic and natural atmosphere. Don’t forget to decorate your dining table with handmade ceramics, pottery, iron candlesticks and wildflowers.

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Bedroom decoration

Bedrooms are great places to showcase the patterned fabrics that country style loves. Stripes and checks with nature motifs; Layer duvet covers, bedspreads and pillows. Be generous with your use of colors and patterns. Also choose fabrics with a coarse texture such as linen and hand-knitted fabrics.

If you’re decorating your bedroom from scratch, you can purchase a wrought iron headboard or add a large decorative iron garden gate to your headboard. You can also use wicker baskets for storage and place a wooden bench at the foot of your bed.

Country house style in the bathroom

Natural stone-effect ceramics and tiles, wrought iron towel racks for hanging towels, wicker laundry baskets and a wooden stool… In short, you can easily decorate your bathroom and your entire home in this style with different pieces that you collect in antique stores and outdoor furniture stores ! 🙂

Wall decoration

We hope what we have shared above works Ideas for decorating your country house inspired you. To discover new styles Interior styles Reading our article; decoration To get inspiration on various topics Home Decorating Ideas Don’t forget to visit our site! 🙂

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