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Home » Inspiration from nature becomes art with QUA Granite! • DeCombo

Inspiration from nature becomes art with QUA Granite! • DeCombo

Contemporary Istanbul will host QUA Pavilion designer Ömer Beijing’s stone monument-inspired works at Tersane Istanbul from September 28 to October 1, 2023.

Last year, Turkey’s largest technical granite manufacturer shared the power of contemporary art and became a partner of Contemporary Istanbul, one of the world’s leading art fairs. QUA granitecontinues to promote sustainability and creativity in the 18th edition of Contemporary Istanbul.

Qua graniteThe aim is to integrate art and design from nature, exhibited at Contemporary Istanbul Omer Beijing As he comes to life through his work, the natural stone material used in the work also comes to life Qua graniteIt also reflects the production journey of. The work used enough products to be used for the exterior cladding of a 10-story building covering an area of ​​30 square meters, and 2,800 pieces of it are made of materials reserved for recycling.

Beijing’s work highlights the potential of collaboration between the private sector and artists and demonstrates the transformative power of such partnerships in shaping our public spaces. It forces us to reconsider the question of whether the existence of art arises within space or within art itself.

In the 18th edition of Contemporary Istanbul, the conversation entitled “Public Spaces Meet Art” will also take place on Friday, September 29, between 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. as part of CIF Dialogues. Architect Ömer Beijing, designer of the QUA Architectural Pavilion, QUA Granite Marketing Manager Hande Sarpkaya and Contemporary Istanbul Director Aslı Ünal, Dr. Moderated by Feride Çelik, they will embark on an inspiring journey of discovery with the audience into the fascinating world of art and draw attention to how art shapes our cities, streets and society in public spaces.

QUA Granite Marketing Manager Hande SARPKAYA: “As QUA Granite, we see sustainability as our mission and carry out many studies in this direction. With our goal of investing in the future of our country, we are signing another study this year that highlights our sustainability aspect. Our stones reserved for recycling are reshaped with the creative ideas of the artist Beijing, putting our sustainable and environmentally friendly approach in all our production processes into an artistic context. Participating in an international art fair like Contemporary Istanbul with this work is a great opportunity for us to highlight the importance of art and culture.”

Architect Ömer Beijing, designer of the Qua Architectural Pavilion, Our collaboration with QUA Granite as part of Contemporary Istanbul opened a shared space for my ongoing practice in the fields of architecture and art. This large-scale project presented in public space was an inspiring process in terms of the handling of the material, the color incorporated into the structure and the overall structure of the building. Created in conjunction with Qua Granite’s production journey, the Qua Pavilion is actually a space created by combining discarded materials that became unusable during production. “I am delighted to be part of Qua Granite’s approach to dialogue on architecture and sustainability and to have the opportunity to reflect on the future of the creative industries within this framework.”

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