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Home » Is onion skin juice good for flowers? What plants are given? – My home

Is onion skin juice good for flowers? What plants are given? – My home

Is onion skin juice good for flowers? What are the benefits, how is it used, how often should it be used? Does it matter white or brown onion skins? Which flowers can be given as gifts? Naz Irmak Saf from My Planted House responded.


Yes, onion skins are good for flowers. Plants need certain elements to grow, reproduce and flower. Most plants that we tend, especially in pots, try to survive in soil mixes that we make or buy ready-made. Sometimes the elements in these soil mixes may not be enough to provide the plant with nutrients. Then we help to compensate for this deficiency with plant-type-specific food supplements or nutrients. Or if floor changes have not been made for a long time, these deficiencies can be corrected by changing the floor.

Nutrients are used for plants within specific time periods and application rules. But Not every plant likes to use the same liquid nutrient. Because everyone has different needs. Unfortunately, if you apply an inappropriate supplement to a plant when it doesn’t need it, you are jeopardizing the health and life of your plant.

If there is no food at hand and at that moment you need to make an application for your plant, we can say that for some species there is a product that you can easily reach. This organic product is onion skins.


Onion skins contain ammonium nitrate. In general, farmers supply ammonium nitrate with fertilizer to crops at certain scales. Some plants need more ammonium nitrate, others less. For this reason, the onion skin supports the production of high-quality and rich offspring by having a direct effect. It increases stem thickness in plants.


Onion skin juice should be diluted with water once a year. In a 500ml bowl, soak the outer brown skin of 1 onion by adding water overnight. The next day you will notice that the color of the water has changed. Dilute 1 tablespoon of onion peel juice in 200 ml of water and apply to the plant.

You should use the brown skin of the onion. Using the white part creates a bad and dominant odor in the water. If you apply this misapplied cologne to your houseplants, a strong odor will fill the entire room. So remember to use the ground brown bark outside!

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You can apply onion peel juice to aloe vera species, cacti, and succulents with peace of mind.

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