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It’s a shame, modern decoration in houses

Domestic life, which extends over large areas in regions where the tropical climate predominates from west to east, creates an impressive look with its modern and comfortable style.

Consider the harmony of chrome and sand tones or stone textures with wood. Vicem Bodrum Villas


The combination of sandy tones and earth colors brings calm to the environment. You can enliven the effect of nature throughout the house by using colors in accessories, or you can experience minimalism at its highest level by completely abstracting the decoration from colors.

Floor-to-ceiling monolithic glass, natural stone appliqués covering the entire structure from walls to floor, exposed supporting columns and the accompanying comfort-oriented sofa “Konak Mobilya” from Molteni&C brand Arik Levy designed the Tea Time sofa
  • Large and comfortable sofas and divans should be the focal point of a modern summer home.
  • You can enhance modern architecture with modern art or create a contrast with classical works.
  • The use of plants occupies an important place in contemporary architecture.
  • You can choose between long dining tables with wooden or marble surfaces for indoor and outdoor use. As mentioned earlier, a big house needs big furniture. As long as their shapes are simple.
  • Recycled wood products reflect your contemporary perspective.
  • In addition to large coffee tables, choose mini coffee tables and stools that match the sofas you can rest on. It is convenient because it can be carried from one place to another and does not take up a large volume.
  • Summer houses have many guests and parties. To do this, make sure that the kitchen and pantry of the house are complete enough to meet all needs. Maybe your location is a bit far from the city center for a material that will be needed later.
In open modern house types, where the kitchen area is combined with the main living spaces, invisibility is essential for both indoor and outdoor spaces. All kitchen utensils, except for immediate needs, should be hidden in the cupboards.
  • Using a tall stool in the kitchen island sets this area apart from other seating areas. Make sure the chairs you choose in this section are signed by the designer.
  • When you look out your window, imagine a sky that stretches as far as possible and a garden surrounded by dense trees with lawns that extend like a carpet beyond the walls of your home. While you are surrounded by such lush colors, make sure your garden furniture is comfortable, timeless and in limited quantity.

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