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Living room decoration ideas and suggestions 2023 • DeCombo

Everything you need to know before renovating your living roomLiving room decoration ideas 2023You can find it in the article ‘: How to decorate the living room? latest suggestions for living room decoration. Sofa set, carpet, curtain, lighting, accessories for the living room Read on for the choices and more…

Do you want to renovate your living room but don’t know where to start? living room decoration Have you been shopping and got lost between dozens of alternatives? Worse, can’t find furniture that suits your taste? Is your favorite sofa set too big for your living room? Are you thinking about how to renovate my living room without spending a lot of money? You can have a living room like it came out of a decoration magazine. And without spending a fortune!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or making small changes to your existing space. Regardless of the size and shape of your living room, ideas for decorating the living room will inspire you. Whatever ideas you implement, your living room; Don’t forget that it is the most important place in your home that reflects your decorating style.

Create a sofa set from different parts

Can’t find your dream sofa? Or is the sofa set you like too big for your living room? How about setting up a seating group yourself? Rather than settling on a standard sofa set, you can create your own special suite with different styles but complementary pieces of your choice. So you don’t have to choose decorative pieces of one type and in the same tones for your living room.

Start the living room decoration by putting together pieces of furniture with neat shapes and neutral colors. On this background, together with the elegant accessories that you choose with your creativity, you can capture a perfect image that is not boring and complements each other.

In addition, since you compose your seating group yourself, it is possible to make combinations according to your budget. It is important that when choosing your furniture, you should make sure that it is not too bulky. Also, remember to use pieces that have different but complementary styles and shapes, and choose a range of neutral floor coverings rather than a single color.

Determine the focal point in the living room

Living room decoration ideas - living room decoration ideas - focal point

As with any other room in your home, it is important that your living room has a focal point. This focal point should be a place where you cannot take your eyes off the moment you enter the room. If your living room doesn’t have a specific focal point, all the decorating themes can compete with each other, creating an awkward and complex look. Choosing a centerpiece is a great way to create a focal point in your living room. As a focal point in your living room; You can choose a bold and big piece like an eye-catching wallpaper, a large painting or a fireplace.

You can also define the center of your living room with the furniture layout. If you place the furniture in a classic arrangement along the edges of the walls, then in the area between the sofas or armchairs, that is, in the center of the room, an empty and large space will be created. Instead, try centering your seating around your living room to create both a great visual and comfortable conversation area. Don’t be afraid of angles when arranging your furniture. Placing furniture at an angle gives your living room a different atmosphere.

Bring color to your walls

Living room decoration ideas - living room decoration ideas - colored walls

If your living room doesn’t have a focal point or you want to add more emphasis to the focal point that’s already there, you can use alternative painting methods to create an accent wall. If you have a small living room, you can create a fresh look by painting your walls a lighter shade than your seating and furniture. Or if you have an eclectic style of decoration, colorful walls are essential for you.

A can of paint is one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to completely change the look of your living room and reflect your decorating style.

Creating textured walls is also a great way to change the mood of the living room. You can do this by adding texture to your walls visually or physically. The colors and patterns you use on your walls should reflect the style of your living room and therefore your style.

Use a stylish rug

Living room decoration ideas - living room decoration ideas - carpet style

With today’s outdoor living trend, many living rooms, dining areas and kitchens are being combined. Even if the living room is separated by walls as a separate room, the first condition for defining the sitting area in the room is to place a rug or rug in the center. It is important that the rug you choose suits your interior style and is of an appropriate size to define the seating area.

Like walls, rugs are a great and practical way to showcase textures, patterns and colors that suit your personal style. Whether it’s a colorful rug or something more sophisticated, whatever your style, you can easily find the rug that suits your taste among many options. What not to forget; You should choose a rug that will strongly define your space with its colour, pattern and texture!

Choose Useful Curtains

Living room decoration suggestions - living room decoration ideas - curtain selection

ideas for decorating the living room Curtains are one of the most important issues in terms of aesthetics and function. When choosing your curtain, you should proceed wisely. Instead of just choosing a curtain that looks stylish, go for a durable fabric curtain like silk or cotton. As an alternative to fabric curtains, you can use bamboo blinds for a rustic look, or zebra or vertical blinds for a modern look. Whatever your curtain style, your priority should be the quality of the material and ease of care.

Use alternative lighting

Living Room Decorating Suggestions - Living Room Decorating Ideas - Choosing Lighting

Since you need lighting in all corners of your living room, a single ceiling light (chandelier) is not enough. In addition to general lighting, you should also use floor lighting such as sconces (sconces), lampshades or spots. As a result, the light is not concentrated on a single area, but is distributed evenly throughout the room. Aside from natural light, there are four different types of lighting that you can incorporate into a space;

  • Naturally: It is the daylight that enters your house from the outside through doors and windows.
  • Generally: It is the main light source that illuminates the entire room. A tip source is usually used.
  • Main emphasis: They are light sources used to highlight specific areas and decor of the room.
  • Duty: It is a dedicated lighting such. B. table lamps or reading lamps, in private areas where more light is needed.
  • Decorative: It is a special type of lighting like chandeliers and specially designed lighting used for aesthetic purpose.

An ideal hall should contain a combination of these light sources. What kind of lighting do you use in your living room? Identify the types of lighting you need and make the necessary additions. You will be surprised at the difference.

Decorate your walls with art

Living room decoration ideas - living room decoration ideas - wall decoration

Walls tell stories. Let your living room tell you which one in your home is visited the most. Adorn your walls with paintings and wall accessories that reflect your taste. Treat these spaces as empty palettes where you can show off all your creativity. Be versatile and hang pieces on your walls that reflect different aspects of your interior style.

Add personality with accessories

Living room decoration suggestions - Living room decoration ideas - Choosing accessories

The key to a living room that looks like it came straight out of a decorating magazine is putting the right pieces together. When decorating your living room, don’t forget to add texture and color to your space by placing accessories throughout the room. Another way to add structure to your living room is through the materials your accessories are made of. You can give your living room a completely different vibe by using pillows of different textures and colors. You can also use metals, woven baskets and blankets.

Another important point in a successful interior design is the layering of textures. What textures do you use for your furniture? To complete your accessories, you should favor textures that are the opposite of the ones you use. Even if you move the accessories in your home to other rooms, you can give your home a new look without spending any money.

For example; In the living room above, two antique side tables contrast perfectly with the sleek modern furniture. Avoiding symmetry in accessories brought movement to the space and eliminated monotony. A vintage painting in an ornate frame and a tall plant are used as the dominant pieces in the living room.

We hope so above Ideas and suggestions for living room decoration, living room decoration has inspired you. More for your home decoration suggestion If you want to buy, please visit our ‘decoration category’. 🙂

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