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Make simple table decorations for the New Year • DeCombo

Inspiring examples of making New Year’s table decorations, fun and easy do-it-yourself Christmas table decorations, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects for the New Year…

Unfortunately, this year we won’t be able to visit the fun New Year’s shops that we visit just for fun. Of course, New Year shopping is left to the online platforms. How about making it a fun experience by at least making Christmas decorations yourself? In this article, Make fun and easy Christmas table decorations and you can get inspiration DIY (Do It Yourself) Christmas decorations we shared. Good reading…

1. Medium decor from Greenery

Bring the green of pine, the symbol of the New Year, to your tables! Create a special focal point for your table with greenery you collect from your garden or branches you pick from your pine tree. Then decorate with shells and pine cones and sprinkle candles in between. If you can’t find fresh green, you can also use realistic-looking faux versions.

2. Place cards made from tree decorations

Create decorative place cards by filling the hollow transparent Christmas tree ornaments with rosemary and name cards. You can give the decorations you made to your guests as a souvenir at the end of the evening.

3. Checkered fabric runner

You can use a checkered scarf or scarf to decorate your table with plaid, an indispensable pattern on traditional New Year’s tables. For example, you can use an old checked scarf as a runner like above.

4. Detailed Jingle Bell glasses

Attach small bells under the glasses and your table will light up with tinkling sounds every time you clink a glass. 🙂

5. Pieces from nature

If you like minimalist and natural details, you can use stones and plants as New Year’s table decorations. Write your guests’ names on the stones with a metal pen. Arrange on plates with some greens. It will look much more stylish than you think.

6. Handmade mini wreaths

Make cute garlands to decorate your glasses. Glue the branches and small ribbons you cut from the pine tree using a silicone gun. If you want, you can complete the Christmas concept on your table with a green center decoration.

7. Decorative pines

For the trees pictured above, you can use other patterned papers in addition to sticky notes. For example, write your guests’ names or names on plain paper. New Year You can decorate your New Year’s table by writing a message. To do this, place the paper that you have cut and folded into triangles on the skewers. Then place them on cut pieces of twigs that you can buy ready-made and glue small stars to the ends.

8. DIY cute wreaths

You can even use popcorn for these cute wreaths, which you can make with cranberries or clamberries. You can place these wreaths on plates by placing name cards on them or using them as napkin holders.

9. Golden Pine Place Cards

Here we come to most of the list Simple Christmas table decoration from one example to another. You can make these place card holders together with your children. Paint the pine cones you collected from the garden with gold spray and place name cards inscribed with a gold pen on top. Isn’t the result very stylish?

10. Rustic table display

If you like natural decoration, this example is perfect for you! Use large logs of wood that you can buy from a carpenter as loading plates under the panels. Add stylish candlesticks by pairing wooden charger plates with green centerpieces and linen handkerchiefs. Prepare an eye-catching and distinctive New Year’s table with the contrast of natural and stylish table decorations.

11. Recycled old bottles

How about a Christmas table decoration made from old bottles in your home? Start by painting your bottles with spray paint in white or metallic colors. Then fill them with pine leaves or shell branches. You can create a cute and inexpensive table decoration by surrounding the bottles with small lamps and pine cones.

12. Floating candle holders

Or you can transform old wine bottles into decorative candle holders for your table. Cut the bottles to different heights, fill them with water and add floating candles. So bring some romance to your New Year’s table!

13. DIY boxwood wreath

You can personalize your Christmas table by adding place cards to small boxwood wreaths. You can also create a practical table decoration by placing a few Christmas tree baubles in the middle of the table.

14. DIY Christmas tree napkin rings

Another Christmas decoration you can make with children: Prepare a Christmas tree template. Cut out the red and green patterned boxes using the template and glue them together in pairs. Adjust the size of the tree by folding the top in half. Form circles out of plain-colored cardboard strips and glue them on. And the napkin holders are ready.

15. Red charger plates

Decorate the red charger plates that you buy ready-made. You can write New Year’s messages on the edges of the charger plates using a gold or silver pen as described above. If you don’t trust your handwriting; You can also draw snowflakes, pine trees or bows.

16. Natural table decorations

Here you will find everything you need to prepare a modern New Year’s table from nature. Place a white linen handkerchief on your plate. You can symbolically place cinnamon sticks, pine branches and pine cones on it. Just make sure that the other accessories on the table reflect the same naturalness.

17. Christmas cookies

You can give your guests a delicious gesture by leaving sweet cookies with the initials of your guests’ names in the middle of the plates. In addition, this example is proof that a black New Year’s table decoration can be made.

18. DIY chandelier decoration

If your table is too small to fill with Christmas decorations, try hanging some from the ceiling. The most practical way to do this is to enhance the existing lighting on your desk. For example, you can hang a wreath from the ceiling with strings.

19. DIY cranberries and candles

You can create a practical New Year’s decoration by filling the jars in your home with artificial snow, candles, cranberries and fir branches.

20. Fragrant snacks

You can create a fragrant and edible table setting by decorating citrus fruits with pine and cloves.

21. A fun centerpiece decor

Are you looking for a decorative accessory for the center of your table? How about buying a wooden box or basket of the appropriate size and filling it with plants and candles from your home? Here is a pretty table decoration for you.

22. A special table for children

If you want to host a New Year’s Eve party with many children, you may need to prepare a separate table for the children. You can also make Christmas decorations out of cardboard with your children. Don’t you think paper cups with a reindeer motif are so cute?

We hope you liked our ideas for making Christmas table decorations. Please share your own or other creative ideas with us in the comments. 🙂

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