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Models and features of above ground prefabricated swimming pools • DeCombo

Inspiring above ground prefabricated swimming pool models: With advantages and disadvantages Examples of above ground pools. Ready-made portable pool models and creative Garden pool ideas...

Even if you dream of owning a magnificent house with a pool, you don’t have to wait to get rich for your pool dream. You can also have a wonderful swimming pool in a cost-effective way. Aside from a limited budget, there may be other reasons that prevent you from having a pool at home: you may live in a rented house, your property may not be suitable for digging, or you may just not want to deal with any construction work. We have good news for you! Above ground prefab swimming pool You can overcome all these problems with

Requiring no permits or licenses, these prefabricated above ground pools offer many advantages over traditional in-ground pools. With hydromassage sets and various accessories, you can transform your pool into a massage pool, a whirlpool, a training pool or a shock pool, for example.

Below you will find some cool and original inspiration for your garden design. above ground prefabricated swimming pool models we shared Formerly above ground pools to normal pools We evaluated the pros and cons. Now it’s up to you to decide what type of pool you want. 😉

Note: Before you decide on the pool model for your garden Garden pool models and swimming pool examples We encourage you to take a look at our article. Over and beyond terrace, Garden And landscaping Our articles about you might be useful for you too.

Advantages of a prefab above ground pool

  • Fast setup: Can be applied to the desired floor prefab pool its installation; Depending on the size, it can easily be done in 1 hour to half a day. In addition, this is portable pool modelscan be folded and stowed away and then set up somewhere else.
  • Lower costs: Requires no construction and excavation work, no infrastructure costs Prices for above ground swimming poolsare at least 50% cheaper than built-in swimming pools.
  • Flexible dimensions: Sizes of prefab above ground pools Between 8 m² and 62 m²; and their depths can be of different sizes, e.g. B. 0.60, 1, 1.20, 1.40 meters. These pools are available in round, rectangular and oval shapes.
  • Easy maintenance: Because they are covered with non-porous (antifouling) material, above-ground pools do not have problems such as algae growth and water leakage. Extremely hygienic prefab pool Chemical use in construction is 50% less than tiled overflow pools. In addition, no joint cleaning and sanitation is required. In short, it’s much easier to clean and maintain than a standard pool.

Disadvantages of a prefab above ground pool

  • Lighter damage: The pool side walls and materials require special care when used as they are more prone to damage and punctures.
  • durability: The service life is usually between 7 and 12 years. A standard inground pool lasts more than 20 years.
  • Esthetic: The appearance of the initial installation is not very attractive compared to standard pools. However, when beautiful landscaping is done, it can look just as special and upmarket as regular swimming pools.
  • Depth: Since the above-ground pools are about 1.50 meters high, the water depth is not too great.

If you think a pool with the above characteristics is right for your needs, above ground prefabricated swimming pool models can inspire you. Adding elements like lush landscaping and comfortable patio furniture to the above ground pool will make you want to spend a lot more time in your yard.

Ideas for above ground prefab swimming pools

Over above ground prefab poolIt’s positioned to overhang a deck that connects the house and pool, creating a cool infinity pool look.

In the example above, the decking area around the pool has been gradually raised and set up as lounging and seating areas.

Installing a simple porch around the pool hides the unsightly exterior of the side walls, giving the appearance of a standard pool. Dark wooden floors provide a modern and stylish look.

An above ground prefab pool with deck is an ideal choice for beach homes as it keeps sand and debris out of the pool.

This large and decorative pool is connected to the house by a private pool terrace. The pool area is decorated with pebbles.

A small and simple above ground prefab pool is ideal for small gardens and a great choice to cool off on hot days.

Wood detailing is used around this modern looking swimming pool, concealing the pool’s filtration system.

A concrete prefab above ground pool has been added to the garden complementing the contemporary style of the home.

The wooden cover and greenery around the pool emphasized the turquoise color of the water and made the difference in height insignificant.

The prefabricated pool has an extremely stylish and exotic look thanks to the wooden frames surrounding it. In addition, a platform placed in the center of the pool provides a transitional and resting area between the pool and the whirlpool.

Thanks to the wood paneling around the above ground pool; There are areas to sit, place drinks and towels.

This spa pool is supported by dynamically designed platforms to create a special look.

Wooden stairs around the above ground pool create a pleasant passageway to the pool.

Special wood paneling is used around this pool, which looks like a giant wine barrel.

Constructed semi-buried on a sloping site, this above-ground pool has been covered with stones to create a natural look in harmony with the surroundings.

The curvilinear shape of this semi-buried pool harmonises with the slope of the topography.

The outer wall of the pool is covered with the glass mosaic coating used inside the pool.

The facade of this above ground pool with its own veranda is covered with glass, giving it an extraordinary appearance.

We hope the above above ground prefabricated swimming pool modelshas inspired you to choose a pool suitable for your garden. If you have the space and budget for a larger and more extravagant swimming pool’Garden pool models and swimming pool examplesWe encourage you to read our article. For more gardening and landscaping inspiration outside Don’t forget to visit our category! 🙂

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