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Moroccan style spaces inspired by white – My Home

Oriental, ethnic and sophisticated… These Moroccan living spaces reflect an ingrained style and distinctive taste that stretches from the past to the present.

Our inspiration was the mesmerizing, delicately colored, rich culture of El Ramla Hamra, the online shopping store where you can find beautiful Moroccan accessories, jewelry and textiles. We thought that you might find this style attractive, where the white color meets ethnic textures and turns into a visual feast, and that you would love to adapt it to your own home.


Traditional materials such as tiles and copper are combined with matt lacquer and furniture with minimal lines to create a balanced whole. Simple shapes highlight Moroccan handcrafted objects and elegant details.


Dutch brand El Ramla Hamla combines the colorful and warm textures of Morocco with the calm and simple shapes of the north. The starting point for the Dutch brand El Ramla Hamla was a trip to Morocco seven years ago. The inspiration for Al Ramla Hamla is surprising but true, that journey… Today, this online shopping site, which is exactly one year old, is called El Ramla Hamla, meaning “Red Sand”, after the warm sandy beaches of Marrakech and the Sahara Desert known as the “Red City”. Combining various shades of white and gray with the darker effects of black and sometimes blue and pink reflecting the Mediterranean, the style makes use of hand-woven textiles, fine linen, handmade copper objects and many traditional motifs.


Using ethnic accessories and furniture in a white living space, you can transform old, forgotten chests, dry branches and dark copper lanterns and create a focal point with a bedside table, stylish bedside lamp, eye-catching coffee table or just a piece of jewelry.

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