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Home » Petra Sofa Set offers comfort and elegance along with its paw-friendly fabric.

Petra Sofa Set offers comfort and elegance along with its paw-friendly fabric.

EVREN SEN – ENZA Home Marketing Director

Consumers today are turning to smaller homes for a variety of reasons. How does this affect the choice of furniture?

As you said, we now prefer more functional houses on smaller square meters. In this context, we are moving towards a more minimalist and functional approach to decoration. If you want to create a more spacious room, use light colors in your home. As Enza Home, we have added series that are dominated by light colors to our portfolio. Currently, in our panel group, light products are preferred 35-40% more than other color panels. Both comfortable and functional sofa beds are preferred by those who want to accommodate guests in a small space. The double increase in sales of the 3-seater sofa beds in our collection is an indication of this. One of the most prominent consumer preferences in personalization. We have also switched to a modular structure for all of our new series such as Legato, Cordell and Loreto, especially for the TV furniture. Thanks to this structure, where customization is a priority, the customer can choose modules on each square meter, whether large or small combination.

What should we pay attention to when choosing furniture?

For our needs, of course… But we should not overlook the characteristics of the room. We can explain this using the table example. Thin and long tables can be preferred as they take up less space and can adapt to almost any space. If you like socializing at home and often receive guests, expandable tables can be used. If you want to create a more intimate and warm environment, round or elliptical tables that make people’s communication with each other more direct are a good choice.

How does Enza Home make a difference to consumers?

First of all, we offer a very rich range of products from the dining room to the sofa set, from the bed to the lampshade. We believe we represent a lifestyle beyond furniture. We have invested over 1 million TL for Enza Home online store, which we can call our largest store. We’ve brought the in-store customer experience to our online store, and for the first time in the world, as a team, we’ve made a collection accessible on a single page. This means: If you click on the dining room, for example, you will find products such as chairs, tables, consoles all together. No need to click and select individually. This is how we offer convenience to consumers. In addition, we have established infrastructure in 73 provinces to provide delivery and assembly services.

As part of our Design with Enza Architects project, we offer our clients specific architectural services both in business and in their homes. Our customers show great interest in this application. In addition, we offer our customers products for special needs such as Petra.

What special needs does the Petra sofa set meet?

One of the biggest problems faced by those who have pets like cats and dogs in their home is the wear and tear on their furniture. Our cute friends can often scratch our seats and cause damage. While we can find solutions to this, such as covering with a cover, buying a scratch board, and using repellent sprays, none of these are enough to solve the problem. At Enza Home, we offer pet owners a “paw friendly” sofa set.

The Petra sofa set combines durability, comfort and elegance for pet owners thanks to its paw-friendly fabric. It has an easy-to-clean and durable fabric… It offers long-term use as it offers high resistance to pet scratches. It is also extremely functional… Thanks to the side-opening arm mechanism in the 3-seater and 2-seater module, the Petra sofa set creates an additional seat and creates a headrest when lying down. It can be used as a coffee table as it gradually opens up. The 3- and 2-seater modules, which offer a high level of comfort with their comfortable back upholstery, also have the character of a bed due to the resulting seat width when the back upholstery is removed.

Well, did you do a special communication campaign for this special sofa set?

As part of our communication efforts to highlight the ‘paw-friendly’ nature of the Petra sofa set, on October 4th, Animal Welfare Day, we presented pet owners with cat and dog beds made with special fabrics for the Petra sofa set. We also donated to HAYTAP on behalf of influencers.

We recently implemented the “1 Petra 1 Story” project. “1 Petra 1 Story” talks, where animal lovers are guests and tell their own stories, were published on Enza Home’s social media accounts. The first guest of 1 Petra 1 Öykü was the artist Sarper Duman, who won the admiration of millions with the videos he made with his cats playing the piano. It was a very pleasant conversation, I recommend you watch it.


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