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“QUA concept” Follow nature! • DeCombo

With its sustainable approach, following the footsteps of nature, QUA Granite serves its customers not only in the field of technical granite, but also with sanitary ware, sanitary ceramics and bathroom products and sells the products of its bathroom group under the brand “QUA Concept”. ..

QUA Granite, which took its first steps in Aydın Söke Organized Industrial Zone in July 2016 and today produces in its facilities in an open area of ​​798,724 m² and a closed area of ​​170,292 m², has the product group with the highest added value in the flooring industry .

QUA Granite, Europe’s largest 2cm granite producer, which crowns its speed and cost advantages in exports and raw materials supply with its investments in technology, with its production facilities close to raw materials and ports, has diversified its product portfolio in a short time. QUA produces glazed granite in various finishes such as Solid Lappato, Lappato, Matt, Metallic, Granulated Matt; With its wide product range and production flexibility, it offers solutions that meet the needs of its customers.

With the only manufacturing facility in Turkey capable of producing 6 different body colors, 0.70cm, 0.88cm, 2cm and 3cm, QUA is making a difference in the industry with its product diversity while strengthening its Leadership through technological innovations and unique color and thickness options. While it continues to push the boundaries of design, it also follows nature with its sustainable approach.

With its sustainable approach, following nature’s footsteps, QUA Granite is not only active in the field of technical granite; In addition, the company supplies its customers with sanitary ware, sanitary ceramics and bathroom products and sells its bathroom group products under the “QUA Concept” brand.

Sanitary ware with a load capacity of 450 kg; It not only offers slim, soft metal hinge cover options, but also provides convenience to the user through its ductless structure and easy cleaning.

For QUA, saving water when producing lights with colored batteries is a priority. In addition to stainless brass fittings, brushed nickel plated PVD products are also available, which are only manufactured by QUA Granite.

QUA Granite Sales Manager Yasin Erdoğan:

“As an institution that follows a lifelong sustainability approach to its processes and products and carries out exemplary practices for Turkey to reduce the consumption of natural resources and keep the environmental impact of products at the lowest level, we have completed the treatment facilities in compliance with all legal requirements Regulations before the construction of our production facilities. Recognizing that sustainable water management is essential to the future of the world, we are working to leave a livable world for the next generations, effectively managing our water use throughout the process. In this context, we are proud to be the first and only company in the industry to purify all the water used in production and recycle it back into production using our treatment facilities set up in the factory. In line with QUA Granite’s vision and values, we strive to offer our products that combine quality and aesthetics to more people in our country. As a rapidly developing and growing QUA granite family; We think locally and act globally and now achieve the perfect harmony of naturalness and longevity with our QUA Concept products…”

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