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QUA granite claims nature • DeCombo

QUA Granite emphasizes that it takes a sustainable approach to water management and states that it is everyone’s duty to prevent water scarcity and enable future generations to live well.

World Water Day, proclaimed by the United Nations (UN) in 1993 to raise awareness by drawing attention to the issue of clean water and protection of water resources, is observed on March 22 every year this year. “Accelerating change through partnerships and collaboration‘ was celebrated with the theme. One of the focal points of World Water Day is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. “Clean water and sanitation” support his goal. In this context, it aims to ensure that by 2030 everyone in the world has access to clean and safe water.

Turkey’s largest engineered granite producer, QUA Granite, draws attention to decreasing and wasted water availability on this important day. QUA Granite works for a world worth living in and emphasizes that even a drop of water, the symbol of fertility, is too precious to waste.

QUA Granite Marketing Manager Hande SARPKAYAemphasized that they are committed to the philosophy of respect for nature: “We take a lifelong approach to sustainability with our products to enable future generations to live a good life. We are aware that without water there is no life to live. Therefore, we strive to reduce the consumption of natural resources and keep the environmental impact of our products at the lowest level. In order to increase our efficiency and avoid wasting water, we do not discharge 100% of the wastewater generated during our production activities into nature, a total of 94,000 m2.3We clean it in our industrial water treatment plant with a daily capacity and put it back into production. As QUA Granite without wasting a drop of water; We will not only protect nature on World Water Day, but in every aspect and moment of our lives.”

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