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QUA Granite combines the warm texture of wood with the durability of granite • DeCombo

Bringing all the vitality of nature into spaces with its superior pattern and color technology, QUA Granite continues to create unique spaces with its engineered granite series in a wide range of products that appeal to every taste and need. QUA Granite, which opened its new production line to immediately respond to the rapidly evolving and changing market needs, combines the warm texture and elegance of wood with the durability of granite.

With its new products in the 20×120 cm format, QUA Granite brings the natural beauty of wood indoors and outdoors without harming nature. Wood-look granite products in the 20×120 cm format, made with the protection of nature and without harming the trees, represent a more environmentally friendly alternative to parquet. In addition, unlike natural wood, it offers the best with its uniform pattern and color options suitable options for the style and atmosphere of the room. Wood-like granites, which have high water and moisture resistance, can be used in wet areas without hesitation.

On the grounds that they constantly conduct research and development studies in order to meet their customers’ expectations at the highest level and to develop sustainable alternatives, QUA Granite Sales Manager Yasin Erdogan He had this to say on the subject: “Because wood floors lead to the destruction of forests, they cause the destruction of natural habitats.” For this reason, as QUA Granite, we have implemented our 20×120 Wood Look Granite series, which is a sustainable alternative in the consistent with our approach to protecting nature. With these series we offer our customers the perfect harmony of aesthetics and durability and promise a completely new and environmentally friendly experience. As QUA Granite, which has the largest plant in Turkey exclusively producing engineered granite, we have 10 million m2 of wood per year in our production line for our wood-like granites.2We are the only company in the industry with a production capacity of . Our wood-like granites are highly resistant to external agents, are unaffected by temperature differences, do not change color and can maintain their current appearance for years without any maintenance. Easier to maintain and clean than wood floors, these granites are also very reliable in terms of health as they do not leach any chemicals into the environment.

Wood-like granite, ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic and for homes with pets, can also be used in public places like schools and restaurants as it is more resistant to scratches, dents and wear and tear than wood floors.

You can reach QUA Granite 20×120 cm Wood Look Granite series and other engineered granite series at

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